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C47 - A Drama for Shao Tianze

Chapter 47: A Drama for Shao Tianze

Song Yunxuan frowns: “Shao Xue is waiting for the phone call inside on behalf of me, you…”

Chu Mochen reaches out to grab her wrist. He pulls her in. “Shao Tianze will take her out for dinner after work. She won’t come back today. Come on in.”

“You… Hmm…”

Before the words are finished, the door is clicked shut.

As soon as the door closes, she is kissed by the man on her lips, struggling with some displeasure. He also holds her hands pushing against his chest.

She is forced to be kissed a few times. Before he succeeds in splitting her teeth open with his tone, she refuses: “let go.”

Chu Mochen kisses her cheek and says, “The postponement of the wedding has been announced. It follows your order. Can’t you give me any benefit?”

Song Yunxuan does not look at him: “You can stop.”

Chu Mochen kisses her eyebrow and then lets her go, but he still holds her fingers and uses his thumb to press on the back of her hand: “Have you seen Venus?”

Song Yunxuan nods: “I just saw it.”

Chu Mochen holds her hand with his fingers and says in a warm voice: “Have a meal with me tonight.”

“I have to wait for an important phone call tonight. I can’t accompany you.”

If Yi Xiaoning calls, she must answer it.

Chu Mochen feels that she is trying to pull her hand out of her hand. He can’t help bending his thin lips and leaning close to her ear near which he gently blows: “Ring, it’s very suitable, isn’t it?”

Song Yunxuan’s ears suddenly flush a little, and she pulls her hand out of his with great effort: “Don’t make something of nothing.”

After that, she is about to take the ring off her finger.

Chu Mochen embraces her from behind with one hand holding her waist and the other grasping her ring finger. In a sexy voice of smiles, he murmurs amorously: “Don’t put it off, I will immediately marry you if you do it.”


“Don’t scold,” says Chu Mochen, who dotes on her, can’t bear her indifferent refusal and resistance. Kissing her sensitive and delicate earlobe with his lips, he says softly, “This ring is a promise. If you wear it, I will know that you are mine. I can’t marry you now, but you must always tell me that you will only be mine in the future.”

Song Yunxuan keeps silence in his arms.

Chu Mochen’s kiss is delicate and soft in which there are burning temperature, the forcefulness, and the tyranny that makes people unable to resist.

But in his voice there still is a kind of inexplicable warmth, and a sort of reliability that people can temporarily put aside their amour of defense and relax.

When Chu Mochen kisses her, she never responds.

It is the most disgusting thing for her that Chu Mochen kisses her lips.

Chu Mochen has adapted to her indifference. But as long as she does not struggle, obediently and gently accepts his hug and temporarily restrains her sharp feelings, he also feels happy and satisfied.

Chu Mochen’s lips fall down along her earlobe. And when he kisses her neck, Song Yunxuan is somewhat perplexed and unknowingly gives a groan of pleasure.

The sound makes Chu Mochen, who was holding her from the behind, suddenly stiff, and turns on as hard as stone.

Two or three seconds tick away quietly.

The next moment, Song Yunxuan suddenly reacts, with a confused look suddenly clears. She wants to break free from Chu Mochen’s arms.

Chu Mochen hugs her violently.

He approaches the desk in front of him in several steps. The things on it are swept by his long arm, so, many documents fall to the ground in a crash.

Song Yunxuan becomes nervous and panicked. “What are you doing? Let go of me!”

Regardless of her struggle, Chu Mochen presses his hands on her head, covering her with his muscular body. And his hot lips begin to move down from her collarbone.

“You let go! This is my office!” Her voice is harsh, but not very loud. In order to prevent people outside from hearing her, she keeps her voice very low.

“Listen. No one will find out if you don’t cry like you did last time.”

“Don’t do that! No!”

She is still struggling, but Chu Mochen refuses to let her go at all.

Suppressed by him, Song Yunxuan’s eyes begin to become red and wet because she’s so nervous. Chu Mochen’s movements are at first a little anxious, but it turns suddenly gentle when he reaches out and grasps her waist.

His kiss falls on her ear, and the tip of her tongue touches Song Yunxuan’s earlobe gently.

Song Yunxuan tightens her body and suddenly feels a pain.


Her scream of pain abruptly goes out of the door.

Someone is shocked, and knocks open the door in spite of the polite manner.

Song Yunxuan is stunned when she hears the voice.

But she hears Shao Xue’s voice rushing: “Yunxuan!”

As the sound of footsteps approaches, Chu Mochen leaves her without haste and embarrassment, and pulls her up from the table by the way.

Shao Xue twists her eyebrows and helps Song Yunxuan fold her open collar. She stares at Chu Mochen angrily: “This gentleman…”

After that, Shao Xue seems to realise that the person she’s talking to is Chu Mochen. She chokes and stops talking.

“Shao Xue.”

A gentleman elegantly calls.

Shao Xue turns around awkwardly: “Brother, I think we’d better go out first, this… is Yunxuan’s fiance.”

The angry solemnness on Shao Xue’s face turns into an embarrassed flush. She frowns as if she has made a fool of herself and wants to leave the office in a hurry.

But Song Yunxuan gets up from the table, closes her collar and stares at the door with cold eyes.

Over there, indeed, stands Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze becomes slightly surprised when seeing her hair disheveled, her face flushing with rage, and her glaring at him, holding her collar.

Later, he looks at Chu Mochen worriedly, “Childe Chu, Yunxuan is still young. Childe Chu should be considerate of his fiancee.”

Chu Mochen’s clothes are neat, not being messed up at all. He nods appropriately with a smile on his lips: “Mr.Shao had better knock the door first in future.”

Shao Tianze looks at Chu Mochen with no expression on his face. But when Shao Xue passes, he says, “Shao Xue, let’s go, I’ll send you back.”

“But tonight…”

The mission of waiting for the phone is still in Shao Xue’s mind.

Song Yunxuan droops her eyes. “You don’t need to work overtime tonight. You can go.”

Shao Xue nods and leaves with Shao Tianze.

When Shao Tianze turns around, he takes a profound glance at Song Yunxuan.

He is surprised that Chu Mochen has a deep affection for such a little girl, Song Yunxuan.

In this case, Chu Mochen gains another soft rib?

For Shao Tianze’s part, it may be necessary to get closer to Song Yunxuan in future.

As soon as Shao Tianze follows Shao Xue out, Song Yunxuan’s face begins to become pale slowly.

She is particularly sensitive to pain. She reaches out to touch the earlobe where Chu Mochen had suddenly bitten when he was passionate. Not only does she gnash her teeth, but she also stares at Chu Mochen, “Chu Mochen, did you take the wrong medicine today? How should you come here for messing around?!

Chu Mochen’s lips bend up, standing at the door and looking out. After Shao Tianze goes far, she closes the door. He comes back to her, holds her hand, and gently pinches her earlobe: “If I hadn’t bitten you, would you cry out?”

Song Yunxuan frowns and looks up at Chu Mochen who is dressed in neat clothes. Suddenly she feels something wrong.

Just now, though Chu Mochen’s action was so fierce that she felt panicked, he didn’t undo her clothes too much, and he didn’t even take the action of unlocking a button of his clothes.

If he really wants to rape her, there’s no need for him to keep his outfit on.

She bites her lip and frowns. “What do you want to do?”

“Have you ever heard of the saying that one will lose all his wits for romance?

Song Yunxuan sits on the table. Chu Mochen helps her tidy up her clothes. When he buttons up her clothes, he feels that Song Yunxuan is still nervous. Then he reaches out to grab her hand with the ring and gently touches the ring. “I hear that there is a blood vessel on the ring finger that directly links to the heart. This ring knows everything existing in your mind.”

Song Yunxuan purses her lips with the expression in her eyes becoming more complicated: “You want to say that you know what I’m thinking?”

Chu Mochen watches her biting her lower lip which leaves a mark on it. He can’t help smiling, bending over to look at her: “The Venus salon plus the Fanxing magazine are not enough when dealing with Gu’s. If Shao Tianze knew that Venus is what you wanted originally before I gave it to you, he will point his weapon at you. Just have a guess, will the Song family will help you when he is against you?”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t need to think about it at all.

The Song family will fawn on the upper class like the Chu family and the Gu family.

Once Gu’s wants to destroy her Fanxing and Venus, the Song family will never help her.

Since Chu Mochen gives her Venus, in order to let her make her own achievements, they can’t intervene too much. Otherwise, it will become a grand farce if Song Yunxuan manages to revive Venus with the support of a powerful family. The public will think that Chu just let Song Yunxuan do the superficial works, and in fact, everything is under Chu’s control.

Song Yunxuan goes silent.

Chu Mochen helps her to get herself dressed up, and he reaches out to caress her lips with his thumb: “Well, the lips are almost bleeding, and no biting is allowed in the future.”

Song Yunxuan raises her hand to touches her lips. Chu Mochen helps her get away from the table. “Shao Tianze saw that scene just now. Maybe he thought I was really intoxicated by your beauty, so I gave Venus to you. If he wanted to break me down, he would take you as my weakness to attack.”

Song Yunxuan lowers her eyelids: “Shao Tianze is indeed such a person, but the more contact he has with me, the sooner he will find that the real person to deal with is actually me.”

Chu Mochen can’t help laughing: “By the day he finds out, maybe you are already strong enough to compete with him.”

Song Yunxuan raises her head to stare at him.

Chu Mochen wants to kiss her.

She holds out her finger and blocks his lips. “You’re wrong. The day he finds out, the whole Gu family will have already become mine.”

Song Yunxuan looks sideways at the office window.

Shao Tianze’s skyscraper office building is on the opposite.

That’s Gu’s, who she had been running for many years. Although it’s under Shao Tianze’s control now, she will take back what belongs to her.

Her eyelashes are drooped, hiding the expressions in her eyes.

Chu Mochen holds her hand, feels the temperature on her hand and looks at her face carefully. Suddenly, Song Yunxuan’s self-confidence shines dazzlingly.

If Song Yunxuan really earns the Gu family one day, how can Chu family shackle her?

Gu’s may become her wings and take her away from Chu’s house.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter if she wants to leave him.

He will not hesitate to break her wings with his own hands.