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C48 - Sounding Out Song Yunxuan

Chapter 48: Sounding Out Song Yunxuan

Song Yunxuan sleeps in Fanxing Magazine at night. It is Chu Mochen who makes a phone call to the Song Family.

Song Yunqiang is very excited about receiving a phone call from Chu Mochen, he carefully asks: “What’s the matter, Childe Chu?”

Looking at Song Yunxuan who is dozing with her hands supporting her head, Chu Mochen says with a smile: “Yunxuan won’t go back home tonight. She will sleep here.”

On the other end, Song Yunqiang immediately takes a deep breath. After a while, he answers incoherently due to excessive excitement.

It is unexpected that Song Family can send the girl to Chu Mochen’s bed. Song Yunqiang thinks that if his sister can have a harmonious relationship with Gu Family’s Shao Tianze, and marry into Chu Family, Song Family will be honored.

Song Yunqiang hangs up the phone happily, then he goes upstairs to recite the contents of the phone conversation to his father.

The facial expression of Song Yan is bleak. He says: “Yunying told me that Yunxuan went to her company today. It is said that Yunxuan was secretly photographed and she came personally to ask for the photo.”

Song Yunqiang’s face turns gloomy. And he guesses worriedly: “Dad. Is it possible that Yunxuan is too young to resist all sorts of temptation in Yuncheng, being set up by villains? Furthermore, her relationship with Childe Chu is always…not so good.”

Song Yan also sighs: “I also think so. Send a person to watch Yunxuan, I want to know whatever she does.”

Song Yunqiang nods repeatedly: “Dad, don’t worry. Tomorrow, I will send someone to follow Yunxuan.”

Song Yan frowns: “I want someone to watch her from tonight on.”

“But Yunxuan is at Childe Chu’s house.”

Song Yunqiang reminds Song Yan. He considers it for a while and says: “Then the man will start his work tomorrow.”

Song Yunxuan is taking a nap with her head supported on the mahogany desk. Looking at her head drooping and dozing, Chu Mochen wants to pick her up to leave,

He is just stretching out his hand when Song Yunxuan wakes up. She frowns at Chu Mochen: “Why haven’t you go?”

“I have telephoned uncle according to your instructions. Maybe someone will drive to Chu family’s house and wait for me to come out with you tomorrow morning.”

Song Yunxuan knows that she has to stay with Chu Mochen overnight in order to make up for her lie.

However, without such an excuse, the Song family will not allow her to stay out at night.

Sitting on the leather swivel chair, she yawns and then turns her head around to think how to send Chu Mochen away.

Seeing her waiting for the call in the office, he says disdainfully: “You only left her the telephone number of your office?”

Song Yunxuan does not deny: “There is only my office’s number on the business card. As my father and eldest brother still do not know that Fanxing is mine, the card can’t be printed with my private number.”

If her father and eldest brother knew that Fanxing is hers, they would certainly ask her where is her money from which she used to buy Fanxing. And once they investigate, the fact that she has extorted 80 million from Song Yunying will be revealed.

It is not the time to let them know this, so Fanxing Magazine must be kept in secret. And she has to wait for the appropriate time to publicize her ownership of Fanxing magazine.

If Venus salon can get profits in the first and the second quarter continuously, then she can say that she uses Venus’s profits to earn the asset of Fanxing Magazine.

Accompanied by Chu Mochen, she waits for the phone call in the office. Seeing her repeatedly yawn in light sleep, he can’t help frowning: “Is your insomnia very serious?”

Song Yunxuan does not speak. Nobody knows that as long as she closes her eyes, what she can see will become those things that ever happened to Gu Changge.

She lost her legs in a car accident which was designed on purpose, and her chest was also cut open by Shao Tianze personally.

These things are remembered so clearly that they will become a monster gripping her tightly once she closes her eyes.

Every time she sleeps, she feels that she has died on the operating table. If she does not wake up in sweats and see Song Yunxuan’s face in the mirror, she simply cannot believe that she is still alive.

Such dreams make her afraid to close her eyes.

She is afraid that if she fell asleep, she would never wake up again.

The night is very long indeed.

She closes eyes to catnap, but her figures are clenching gradually. Her petty action attracts Chu Mochen’s attention.

The next second, he gets up, walks to her side, puts his hand on her back, and grasps her hand: “Let me wait for the phone call, so you can sleep peacefully.”

Song Yunxuan wants to pull her hands out of his but fails after several attempts.

Glancing at Chu Mochen, she is a little angry.

Chu Mochen says peacefully: “The room’s temperature set by the air conditioner will ensure that you won’t catch a cold if you fall asleep.”

Her hand is firmly held by Chu Mochen. And there is heat on his body passing to her through the fingers.

The warmth seems to have wonderful power, forcing her slowly into a trance, and then her eyelids begin to grow heavy.

She does not know how she fell asleep.

When she wakes up again, the man beside her is just holding the microphone. His long masculine eyebrows are wrinkled slightly, and his thin lips are pressed together into a straight line.


Song Yunxuan suddenly wakes up, hearing his cold words, she grabs the phone from his hands: “I am Song Yunxuan.”

There comes a voice with an angry tone: “Miss Song, your man is really chilling.”

Song Yunxuan is puzzled. She does not know what that means.

Suddenly, Yi Xiaoning, who is talking on the other end, hangs up the telephone.

Song Yunxuan had been waiting for this phone call all night long, but now the other party suddenly hangs up the phone. She feels that her plan is suddenly disrupted at this key point, as if the whole plan was to be destroyed.

She frowns, slowly puts the microphone back, and then turns her head to look at Chu Mochen, who is beside her. She questions him: “What did you say to Yi Xiaoning?”

Chu Mochen must say something to Yi Xiaoning when she falls asleep. It must be so.

Chu Mochen’s expression is icy cold. He takes the suit jacket on the back of the chair, staring at her: “The phone call has already been smoothly answered. Now, go home.”

Song Yunxuan cannot help but feel angry when she watches him going outside. She takes two steps forward to grasp his arm, staring at him: “Chu Mochen, what did you say to Yi Xiaoning?”

Looking down to at her hand grasping his arm, Chu Mochen finds that she is pinching his skin hard as if her nails would be driven into his flesh.

“Yi Xiaoning has agreed to your requirements, but she wants to leave Yuncheng before testifying against Gu’s.”

Song Yunxuan’s beautiful eyebrows are still wrinkled.

Chu Mochen reaches out to hold her hand with which she grips his arm, and gently guides her to loosen it: “I’ve told her, before testifying against Gu’s, she is not allowed to step out of Yuncheng. Otherwise, she can never leave the city all her life.”

The expression of Song Yunxuan becomes calm at once, and her fingers loosen.

After calming down for a while, she complains to him: “You shouldn’t threat her. Be careful that a cornered beast will do something desperate.”

Chu Mochen pulls her out. When they’re walking in the company’s corridor, he puts his suit jacket on her body: “You need to be scrupulous about many things, but I don’t.”

Song Yunxuan does not answer.

What Chu Mochen says is right. She is no more than Song family’s illegitimate daughter who has to act in secret now. Therefore, she must be meticulous about numerous things and lots of people.

But Chu Mochen doesn’t need to do that. Since he is the only heir of the Chu Family, few people dare to mess up with him in Yuncheng, not alone a disfigured woman.

Song Yunxuan follows Chu Mochen who is tall and strong. When he holds her in his arms, he acts just like a wall keeping her away from the wind blow.

She doesn’t say any word until they have gotten out of Fanxing Magazine and sat on Chu Mochen’s car. She looks at him: “Are you going to take me home?”

Chu Mochen smiles, looking sideways at her: “The Chu family is also your home.”

She does not retort as if she has accepted the fact.

The person stays by her side may not block all the chilly wind for her but he can always give her a hug to warm her up.

It is better to have Chu Mochen rather than no one stay with her.

Chu Mochen sends her back to Chu Family. The servant feels puzzled for a moment when they enter.

After that, the servant’s about to inform Mr. Chu with happiness in his eyes.

Song Yunxuan clutches Chu Mochen’s sleeve.

Being aware of her grip, Chu Mochen bends his head to ask her: “what’s wrong?”

Song Yunxuan averts her eyes from him. She bits her lower lip and whispers, “At this time, uncles and aunts should have fallen asleep, so we’d better not interrupt…”

Chu Mochen pulls her into his arms and kisses her hair gently, “Only once.”

She raises her heads up, hearing Chu Mochen telling the servant, “Don’t inform my parents.”

The servant knowingly walks away, then continues his work in the kitchen.

Chu Mochen takes Song Yunxuan into a room. She finds that it is not a guest room after she comes in the door.

“Why would you take me to your room instead of the guest room?”

When Chu Mochen tries to take off her coat, she takes a step backward, and says, “I want a guest room.”

She frowns and moves back step by step as he walks near.

Although Chu Mochen has noticed her nervousness, he never stops his pace, approaching her slowly.

At the moment when their faces are about to meet, Chu Mochen directly passes her over. He bends over to open the wardrobe of which he takes a pink gift box out.

Then Song Yunxuan feels relief, thinking that she was overstressed just now.

Chu Mochen can’t help smiling at the sight of the change of her expression. He puts the gift box on her hand, says, “This is a nightgown. Put it on after the shower. Then come back and sleep.”


Chu Mochen interrupts her before she finishes her words: “I am the owner of this family. I won’t sleep in the guest room or on the sofa, but I can assure you that I won’t force you.”

Song Yunxuan frowns, staring at him. Her ears begin to heat up for unknown reasons.

Being glared by Song Yunxuan, Chu Mochen tries to grasp her shoulder.

Song Yunxuan, however, walks away before he does it. She says fretfully on her way to the bathroom: “A liar.”

This remark shows her distrust of Chu Mochen. After taking a shower in the bathroom, she takes out the nightgown in the gift box.

She finds that the style of the nightdress is neither fancy nor sexy. The design is elegant and noble, and the cloth is very comfortable. It is in light white with pearl-like texture.

Wrapped in it, she goes out shouldering a big towel.

Chu Mochen has taken a bath in another bathroom. He notices her come out and waves her, “Can you play chess? Come and have a look.

When Song Yunxuan finds a chess set on the table, she pauses her fingers with which she brushes her hair. Then she moves to the bedside, “You can play it by yourself, I don’t know how.”

Chess will expose a lot of thoughts. She’d better conceal herself when getting along with the very kind of person like Chu Mochen.

This man’s diplomacy is not as warm as it appears.

Hearing her refusal, Chu Mochen’s eyes grow dim and dark slightly.