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C50 - Nurse Wang Goes Unconscious

Chapter 50: Nurse Wang Goes Unconscious

After nurse Wang leaves, Song Yunxuan goes back to her room for a rest, but she is in a restless mood.

Lying on the bed, she falls asleep between the sheets.

All of a sudden, she hears a knock on the door while she is having those painful and familiar dreams.

In her slippers, Song Yunxuan comes to open the door. What she meets is a familiar maid wearing a white apron and a small dish of aromatic butter cookies.

Glancing at the maid’s face, Song Yunxuan finds that she is the maid sent by the Chu family. She can’t help feeling slightly unhappy: “When did I say I wanted to eat cookies?”

The maid is still young. She says timidly. “Nurse Li, who went to change magazines, said that Miss wanted dessert.”

Looking at the pungent butter cookie, Song Yunxuan takes a breath and reaches for it. “I’ll take the cookie, thank you.”

When the maid sees that she has taken away the dish with cookies, a mild and happy smile shows up on her face, she does not leave with the tray until she closes the door.

Song Yunxuan brings the cookie into the room with a feeling of nausea. Before she reaches the bed, she drops all the butter cookie into a black garbage bag and ties it up. After that, she opens all the windows of the room to vent the sweet smell of cookies.

She had been growing up in the Gu family for decades, and they all know that she hates overly sweet things, especially cookies.

Once she smells the cookie, her stomach will turn upside down, let alone to taste it in her mouth. She can’t eat it anyway.

She goes to the bathroom to wash her face and drinks half a cup of water. Only after the cookies’ smell slowly disappears does she go to close the window.

Just as she is closing the window, she suddenly notices a blue Porsche sports car coming out of the yard.

This is…

“Chu Mochen’s car.”

Her heart trembles at once.

She hurries out and asks his servant, “Did Chu Mochen come here just now?”

The servant shakes his head blankly. “No, he hadn’t been here just now.”

“What about the car in the yard just now?”

“Oh, it’s the young master of the Rong family who came here to send the invitation. After that, he left. The car didn’t even park.”

The look on Song Yunxuan’s face calms down a little.

Finding Song Yunxuan’s face turning pale, the servant is worried, “Miss Yunxuan, are you OK?”

“No, No. I’ll go to bed first. When nurse Wang comes back, you tell her she not to make dessert because I have had cookies.”

The servant nods and looks at the delicate back of Song Yunxuan who is heading back her room.

On the blue Porsche sports car which is just driven out of the Song family, there sits a handsome boy of seventeen or eighteen years old. He looks strangely at the man who gazes at him in the rearview mirror: “Brother Chu, your fiancée is the daughter of the Song family, isn’t it? You just arrived at the Song family, why didn’t you pay her a visit?”

Chu Mochen’s expression is profound and cold: “It’s not necessary.”

“Big Brother Chu, you are too bad.” laughs the teenager. “You shouldn’t have stolen her heart and then dumped her because you’re tired of playing now.”

The teenager is handsome, with bright amorous eyes, thin lips and snowy skin. He is tall but slim, not as strong and muscular as an adult man.

He stares at Chu Mochen with a bad intention. “Brother Chu, I heard that the Song family’s little daughter is a rare beauty who seldom goes out. She must be very honest, and very pure presumably.”

Chu Mochen suddenly laughs, raises his eyes slowly and looks at the teenager in the rearview mirror. “Childe Rong Six, I advise you not to provoke her. She is as pure as Gu Changge.”

In the rearview mirror, the teenager named Rong Six shivers obviously. Then the bad smile on his face immediately disappears, and his thin lips are pursed: “I am not interested in this type of beauty, but you have a special taste, Brother Chu.”

Although the boy calls it the “special taste”, there are quite a few dignitaries who are fond of Gu Changge.

However, a woman like Gu Changge is not the one that ordinary dignitaries can hold in their arms, let alone control her.

Now, although all the men in Yuncheng will gloat over Gu Changge’s death when they’re talking about her, in fact, their remarks are just sour grapes.

Chu Mochen sinks in the back seat of the car with his fingers placed on the leather armrest of the seat, and a cold and profound expression in his eyes.

Rong Six glances at him several times, but at last, he can’t help but say, “Brother Chu, our secret service is world-class. You see that all the information you want has been intercepted. How do you deal with the person?”

Chu Mochen keeps silent.

The teenager slowly pulls over. And then he opens his laptop and shows him the file he has just received: “Brother Chu, you see, this is the intercepted content which has been secretly scanned into pictures.”

While speaking, he passes the computer on to him.

Chu Mochen reaches for the computer. But he freezes at the first glance at it.

The teenager feels something wrong and says, “Brother Chu, are you ok?”

Chu Mochen’s long eyebrows are wrinkled and his eyes, as cold and steely as a knife: “This is… the handwriting of the Changge.”

That sentence makes Rong Six on the driver’s seat stunned for a moment. As if he doesn’t believe what he heard, he frowns and says: “Do you mean that Gu Changge is still alive?”

His words are like a thunder strike without warning.

Chu Mochen looks at the handwriting on the scanned pictures, being startled on the spot. Even Rong Six suddenly becomes petrified.

Rong Six is like seeing ghosts in the daytime. His face is pale, and he asks Chu Mochen, “Brother Chu, are you sure?”

Chu Mochen stares hard at the handwriting as if to dig a hole in the computer screen. Being asked by Rong Six, he breathes slowly as if to suppress some emotion. He opens his lips gloomily and asks him, “Can you tell when the handwriting was written?”

Rong Six is somewhat embarrassed: “In my opinion, it has been done no longer than six months.”

His words make no difference. Gu Changge died around half a year ago. It’s not clear whether she wrote it before she died.

Chu Mochen gazes at the handwriting without saying a word, as if trying to figure out something, but he does not remain silent for too long: “Maybe it’s my eyes that are dazzled.”

Rong Six does not speak, but he understands that this may be an excuse Chu Mochen gives himself.

After all, Gu Changge is really dead as it is well known. Even her ashes are thrown into the high sea.

If this is said reluctantly to be Gu Changge’s handwriting, it can be called as her legacy.


“Brother Chu, maybe the writer imitates Gu Changge’s handwriting. Otherwise, there is no reason for this letter to appear now.”

That’s all Rong Six can think of.

Chu Mochen says nothing. He does not open his mouth to speculate more.

Looking at his appearance, Rong Six wants to make a decision without authorization: “Brother Chu, did the cunning lady of the Song family…”

“Take that messenger to the hospital.”

Rong Six feels shocked, looking back to see Chu Mochen’s dark eyes. He is a little frightened: “You mean…”

“Send her there.”

His voice is cold.

Rong Six hesitates for a while and nods, “I see.”

Song Yunxuan takes a nap in bed for half an hour. The picture in her mind is so confusing that it is disturbing. When she finally wakes up, she hears a rush of footsteps outside.

She frowns and gets up to open the door.

Outside the door, several servants who have been in the Song family for many years gather to talk. When they hear Song Yunxuan opening of the door, they immediately stop talking as if they have glued tape on their mouths.

As soon as Song Yunxuan finds these people dispersing, she knows something is wrong. She calls one of them coldly and says, “Nurse Li, have you got my magazine back?”

Mama Li goes to the table in the living room to pick up the magazine and comes upstairs to hand it to her.

But Song Yunxuan does not take. She just rubs her eyebrows that are slightly painful and says, “What were you talking about just now?”

Nurse Li’s face turns blue. Looking at Song Yunxuan’s face, she feels a little impatient. Then she opens her mouth in dismay: “Nurse Wang who went out to buy sugar powder…”

“Nurse Wang?” Song Yunxuan captures the keywords.

Li Ma glances up at Song Yunxuan in embarrassment, then bends down her head: “Wang Mama… She was hit by a car when she came back.

“A traffic accident?!” Song Yunxuan’s voice suddenly grows gloomy.

Nurse Li nods with some fear.

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan’s translucent face turns paler. As soon as she hears that Nurse Wang had been hit, she turns around and walks into the room for her coat and handbag without saying anything.

Seeing her quickly gets dressed to go out, Nurse Li who is waiting for her at the door hurries to say: “Miss Song, don’t worry, Nurse Wang had been sent to the hospital.”

“I’ll go and see for myself, which hospital?”

Nurse Li hesitates a little. Before Song Yunqiang left, he had told her to watch the young lady and let her not go out casually.


When Song Yunxuan notices her silence, her tone becomes chilly: “Nurse Li, nurse Wang has been taken care of me since I was a child. I have a good relationship with her. Now that she has been injured, it is normal for me to pay her a visit, isn’t it?”

With an embarrassed face, nurse Li has to report the name of the hospital: “The Second Hospital.”

Song Yunxuan feels strange because she thinks that she should be sent to the People’s Hospital if something happened on her way to the magazine company.

Yet she doesn’t expose her suspicion.

She goes out with her handbag, and takes a taxi directly to the Second Hospital.

When she arrives at the hospital, she finds the emergency room in front of her, where doctors and nurses are staunching the bleeding of a man who had just been in a car accident.

Song Yunxuan rushes there, and says anxiously: “Excuse me, is this patient’s surname Wang?”

The patient is seriously injured in all over her body, especially in her head which blurs his face.

Song Yunxuan’s heart is somewhat cold, but she is not panicked. There is just the sudden emergence of many possibilities in her heart due to conditional reflex.

It’s just a trip that is not long. How should there occur any accident?

There is no overpass nor other dangerous traffic situation in that place where there are traffic lights at every crossroad.

She frowns, trying to follow the patient forward, but a doctor wearing a mask who takes care of the patient stops her: “This young lady, the patient’s surname is Wang, 56 years old. Are you her relative?”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Doctor, is she seriously injured?”

“Surgery is needed. Please sign here.”

The doctor shows her the agreement handed over by the nurse behind him in time and points out the signature blank directly.

Song Yunxuan takes the agreement and scans it roughly to ensure there is no problem with it. Then she’s about to sign it.

Yet when the tip of the pen touches the paper, her fingers pauses. And then she is driven by some alertness to turn her usual running hand calligraphy into the regular script style.

The doctor takes a glance at her signature before he takes the agreement and heads towards the operating room.