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C51 - Who are You?

Chapter 51: Who are You?

Song Yunxuan sees the doctor walking towards the operating room and wants to follow him.

Just at this moment, a familiar voice sounds behind her.

“Miss Yunxuan, why are you here?”

“Nurse Wang?” Song Yunxuan recognizes the voice, turning back in a surprise.

Not far behind her stands nurse Wang, who has no serious wounds on the body, and only a bruise on her forehead and her dress is a little dirty.

Song Yunxuan turns her head to look at her. Nurse Wang walks to her with rapid pace then says, “Miss Yunxuan, why are you here? I’ve asked your families to tell you that I just scratched. Why did you come here anyway?”

But, when they’re at home, Nurse Li did not tell her how badly Nurse Wang was injured. Moreover, the surname and age of the seriously injured patient mentioned by the doctor are the same as that of nurse Wang.

Now Nurse Wang, safe and sound, stands here. Thus, does someone mean to mislead her?

Nurse Wang blames herself with guilt, “It was all my fault. When I came back, I didn’t see the road clearly. I was hit by a battery bicycle behind me. Then, I got a gash on my forehead. If I hadn’t fainted, I wouldn’t have had to go to the hospital at all.”

With some upset, Song Yunxuan looks at nurse Wang: “Nurse Wang, the magazine…”

“Miss, you can rest assured. The magazine has been handed over to Xiao Hong and the money has also been returned. Here it is.” With that, nurse Wang shows her more than a dozen yuan taken from her pocket.

Song Yunxuan does not care about the money but feels that the whole story is a conspiracy.

When seeing Song Yunxuan silent, Nurse Wang thinks she is still worried about herself, so she tells her that she is pretty good. Halfway through her words, she continues, “Miss Yunxuan, by coincidence, when I fell down, Childe Chu happened to meet me. He arranged for someone to send me to the hospital.”

When she mentions Childe Chu, Song Yunxuan’s face becomes serious. She asks with her steely eyes: “You said you saw Chu Mochen?”

“Yes.” Nurse Wang is shocked.

Song Yunxuan is clear that she is schemed: “What color is the car he drove?”

“Blue Porsche, it’s the one that he always drives when coming to Song Family.” Song Yunxuan remembers the blue Porsche that has been driven out from Song Family before. She also remembers the servant’s words, so she asks, “Was there anyone else in his car?”

“The driver seems like a teenager of sixteen or seventeen.” Nurse Wang holds her head. “But I was a little confused at that time. I can’t remember his appearance. Maybe he’s an adult. After all, people can’t drive until 18 years old…”

Song Yunxuan does not care what the young driver looks like in Nurse Wang’s impression. It’s enough for her to know that Chu Mochen was really sitting in that blue Porsche.

So the man who gave her cookies must be the part of the conspiracy, too.

She frowns and looks somewhat dejected, “Nurse Wang, let’s go back home first.”

She turns back to leave with Nurse Wang, but only a few steps later she sees a tall, handsome man coming out from the neighboring corridor.

“Childe Chu…” Wang Ma whispers to remind Song Yunxuan.

Then Song Yunxuan meets his gaze, as cold as an abyss.

She is so clear that trouble is approaching her.

She stops and Chu Mochen also stands in his place. They face each other across a distance, the atmosphere becoming tense.

“Miss Yunxuan…”Nurse Wang feels worried.

“Nurse Wang, you go back first. It’s really an incredible coincidence to meet Childe Chu here.”

She knows that it’s definitely not a coincidence.

Because Chu Mochen does not looks surprised at all. His expression seems to show that he has been waiting for her here for a long time.

As Song Yunxuan orders nurse Wang, she has no other choice but to nod and leave. But every few steps, she stops to look back at Song Yunxuan, worriedly.

Song Yunxuan goes straight toward Chu Mochen with a cold look, after Nurse Wang steps out of the door of the hospital hall, “Childe Chu, why do you involve Nurse Wang in your plot? She’s just a servant.”

She crosses him and goes on, trying to lead him out.

Chu Mochen, however, suddenly reaches out and grabs her wrist at this time, pulling her around.

Black hair flutters in the air. Song Yunxuan is dragged by his holding her wrist. She cannot help feeling angry: “You’d better go out to talk to me.”

Chu Mochen’s vision is not clear, as if it is blurred by ink. She cannot see how many expressions are mixed in his eyes.

Song Yunxuan raises her head to glare at him. She feels that the look in this man’s eyes is definitely not pure anger. There are many expressions and feelings. They are surging like the torrential tide, however, no matter how intense they are, one thing always suppresses them.

That is the reason.

Song Yunxuan feels his fingers grasping her wrist with vigor. He is so vigorous as if he is about to crush her wrist bone. She frowns and reminds him: “Too hard, you hurt me.”

After looking at her for a long time, he suddenly feels funny. He looks at her with sharp eyes, and asks coldly, “Do you feel pain?”

Song Yunxuan feels weird, and frowns: “Of course.”

Of course, she feels pain because she’s still alive and very sober.

Chu Mochen’s eyes staring at her gradually become less indifferent and grow weary, and his hands holding her gradually loosen.

Song Yunxuan escapes, trying to rub her wrist. But at this point, he grabs her, again, and drags her to walk forward.

“I can go myself, Childe Chu.”

He keeps silent, but he stubbornly holds her wrist.

Song Yunxuan is pulled out by him and crammed into that blue Porsche.

Seeing a young girl being stuffed in, the teenager sitting behind is surprised at first, and then he watches Chu Mochen, who is striding to open the door at the driver’s seat, after closing another car door, “Brother Chu, I… Or go down first?”

The teenager is consulting Chu Mochen.

When Song Yunxuan looks back at the speaker, she recognizes him as the young master of the Rong Family. In fact, she doesn’t know him well.

Calling him a young master is not because there are still other elder masters, but because he has a very special position in Rong Family. As the only child of Rong Family, he was born after his five brothers and sisters dying.

When she was Gu Changge, she followed her father to attend this young man’s hundred-day banquet.

Moreover, at that time, she was a teenager and this young master was a baby. She was lucky enough to hug him for a few seconds. Although he was born pretty, but really wayward.

She just hugged him but didn’t smile at him in accordance with the babysitter’s instructions, and then the baby couldn’t help crying.

At that time, her father also advised her: “Changge, you scared him. This child is treasured, be careful and don’t drop him. Return him to Mrs. Rong.”

She was still young at that moment. She just performed formalities for formalities, and to show the intimacy. When her father asked her to return the baby, she obeyed.

Now, times have passed and circumstances have changed. Seeing Childe Rong again, she finds that this child has really grown up.

Song Yunxuan glances at Rong Six and then turns to look ahead.

Rong Six is uneasy. Chu Mochen answers him, “No, you can stay here.”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t think there is anything wrong. Looking at Chu Mochen’s appearance, she knows he will deliberately spite her. But if there is an irrelevant man present, he will not go too far.

Chu Mochen doesn’t allow Rong Six to get off, but Rong Six jitters.

Chu Mochen steps on the accelerator, the car rushing out like a shuttle.

The luxury car has superior performance and can accelerate rapidly.

Song Yunxuan calmly fastens her seat belt, while Rong Six in the back also fastens his seat belt and looks ahead, with great care.

“Brother Chu, I suddenly remember I still have something to deal with, or else… Now can you let me off by the roadside?”

Chu Mochen doesn’t answer, but Rong Six is good at observing other’s words and behaviors. He immediately presses his mobile phone by his finger.

Within three seconds, his phone rings, so loudly.

Song Yunxuan raises her eyebrows slightly, and Chu Mochen begins to make the car slow down.

The car arrives at the Coast Road. As soon as it just stops, Rong Six quickly opens the door and gets off: “I’m a bit carsick, I’ll get off first.”

That’s really a good excuse.

Song Yunxuan unfastens her seat belt and is not in a hurry to get off. She just gazes at the scenery ahead and then turns to look at him, “Last time, you also talked to me in this place.”

It is true that last time he spoke to her here—Coast Road, and last time he was a little excited because he thought of Gu Changge.

Song Yunxuan knows he has something to say, so she keeps silent all the way to think about how to respond to him.

Chu Mochen’s fingers loosen the steering wheel: “I thought you were like Gu Changge last time.”

“So, what about this time?”

Song Yunxuan waits for his reply.

Chu Mochen reaches out and takes out a scanned copy of a document from the car’s locker. “I want your explanation. This is the handwriting of the Changge.”

The scan copy is thrown into Song Yunxuan’s arms.

She screws her face into a frown.

When she was still Gu Changge, no one dared to treat her like that, not to mention throwing documents into her arms. Even if talking to her, they were respectful.

Of course, she also remembers that she is Song Yunxuan now, rather than Gu Changge.

So… now she can’t appear angry.

She raises the document in front of her, glances at the handwriting on it and recognizes that it is a letter she wrote. The original copy of this letter should have been delivered by Xiao Hong by now.

But how did the scan copy fall into Chu Mochen’s hands?

She frowns slightly. Unconsciously, she fixes her gaze on the figure of Rong Six reflected in the mirror.

He’s the young master of Rong Family, and also, Rong Family’s secret agent.

Song Yunxuan slightly adjusts her attitude, closes the document expressionlessly and turns her head: “What do you want to do as you intercept my letter?”

Chu Mochen also turns his head to look at her. His eyes are as dark as an old well: “You are not the real Song Yunxuan, are you?”

Although Song Yunxuan has thought many times that others would know she was not Song Yunxuan herself, she has never thought that her identity would be exposed.

She thought that if she had finished revenging all those who killed Gu Changge, she would tell others that Gu Changge had not died.

However, Gu Changge hasn’t died, the fact that she revives into Song Yunxuan’s body can’t be exposed at this time.

She hasn’t punished those who killed her yet. How can she let them know that in the world, there really are revengers who climb back from hell?