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C52 - Give Me a Reason to Help You

Chapter 52: Give Me a Reason to Help You

Song Yunxuan only thinks it over for a moment before bending up her lips as if she feels it funny: “Chu Mochen, what are you kidding about?”

Chu Mochen looks at her with his bright eyes: “You are not Song Yunxuan.”

Song Yunxuan takes a breath, regarding it as a ridiculous remark: “Chu Mochen, why do you think that I am not Song Yunxuan?”

Provided that she is in Song Yunxuan’s body, no one can reveal her secret.

Nobody in the world can expose her anymore.

What if it’s a lie? It will finally become a truth if everyone believes it.

In this world, there has never been an unchangeable thing. What is true can really become false, or vice versa.

As long as you have enough power and ability to reverse black and white.

She won’t know that, in her eyes, obstinacy has turned into a light, which is firmly pinned onto her heart and soul like a nail.

No one can pull her out of this body.

Chu Mochen just gazes at her with all his attention, as if trying to find some flaws in her to prove that she is not Song Yunxuan.

But unfortunately, her perfection is beyond doubt.

Song Yunxuan smiles at him: “Chu Mochen, words are but wind, but seeing is believing. Don’t talk nonsense when you don’t have enough evidence. If you suspect that I am not the daughter of the Song family, you can take my hair to do paternity testing with my father.”

Song Yunxuan is a genuine daughter of the Song family. Before Song Yunqiang took her back to Yuncheng, the father of the Song family had already made a paternity test.

Otherwise, Song Yunying would not spare no effort in hiring anyone to kill her on her way back to Yuncheng.

Looking at her self-confident figure, Chu Mochen takes out another agreement from the locker with his slender finger: “This is the name you signed in the hospital just now. The doctor told me that the first movement you made to sign your name was not to write the character Song.”

“What was I going to write about?”

“You were about to write the character Gu even in running hand style.”

Song Yunxuan’s heart beats violently – damn, that doctor should have observed so scrupulously!

Although the body is Song Yunxuan’s, the soul is still Gu Changge’s which is so genuine that she still keeps her code of conduct, ways of thinking and personal hobbies.

Even if she writes a word, the strokes and handwriting all conforms to Gu Changge’s habits.

Her existence in this body is not impeccable because there are still details that betray her.

She has become accustomed to her own name, Gu Changge, written in vigorous and unrestrained running hand style.

Now, with her new name, she has to use a blink of an eye to warn herself not to make mistakes.

Being aware of her silence, Chu Mochen puts the agreement beside her. He gently winds down the window with his fingers so that he can enjoy the sea breeze. He asks her, “You have Song Yunxuan’s face, but who exactly are you?”

She does not speak, but the tips of her fingers begin to freeze: “If you do not want to marry me, you can just abandon me. Why do you find such an excuse to frame me?”

There is a sudden storm deep in her eyes, but she slightly lowers her eyes, trying to pretend to be calm.

“Have you ever been to my house?”


“The Chu’s house is different from others. My family was built under the instruction of a Thai master. The location of the restaurant won’t be easily found by the new visitors.”

Song Yunxuan frowns and says nothing.

She really forgets that. Chu Mochen used to have a stomachache when he was young. He was treasured by his family and the master of Chu family especially found a Thai master to redesign the architectural drawings of Chu family. The old house was rebuilt and the restaurant was replaced in a special position.

After the completion of the Chu house, she followed her father Gu Cheng to the Chu house to show their congratulation.

“Do you know Rong Six?”

“Yes, I’ve heard of him.”

Chu Mochen looks down and smiles.

Song Yunxuan is disgusted: “What are you laughing at?”

“Laugh at your lies.” He looks up at the front. “If you merely have heard of Rong Six, you would know that he is the sixth child born after his five siblings who died young. When ordinary people meet him, they will look at him curiously for a little while. When you met him, you were not curious at all. You just glanced at him faintly.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes are as gloomy as a cloudy sky.

The man actually set up so many inconspicuous situations in order to try her out.

“Also, when I gave you the intercepted letter just now, your first reaction was to look at Rong Six. You know his background, and that Rong family is the best confidential tracing agency.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyebrows become more wrinkled and twisted, and she almost feels cold all over her body.


Song Yunxuan can’t bear the sense of frustration of being seen through little by little. She suddenly opens the door and gets out of the car. “Enough, Chu Mochen, if you suspect that I’m not the daughter of the Song family, you can cancel the engagement. My father had already done paternity testing on me, and I don’t want to see you anymore.”

She strides away, with her back straight and her hair flying gently in the sea breeze.

Rong Six, who is enjoying the seascape all the time, feels shocked when he finds her angrily get out of the car: “Miss Song, are you leaving?”

Song Yunxuan ignores him and puts the strap of her handbag on her shoulder, moving forward.

She isn’t irritated at all, but she needs to leave the man right away and think about how to deal with the coming problems.

If Chu Mochen has already begun to doubt her real identity, she will surely be checked up thoroughly. She’s not afraid to go through paternity test. However, when she deals with Gu in the future, Chu Mochen may not help her at all. So, she needs to change her plan.

It is her greatest mistake to mess with Chu Mochen, a troublemaker.

It is God’s preference that Gu Changge was not entangled with Chu Mochen in her previous life.

She goes forward against the sea breeze without paying attention to the movement behind her.

Private cars pass by one after another on the coastal highway. She raises her hand to stop a cab after quite a while of waiting for it.

Suddenly she is held by someone on her wrist, and her body is jerked into his arms without any warning.

“Why are you so bad-tempered, taking a French leave before I finish my word?”

Chu Mochen’s voice is close to her ear.

But Song Yunxuan throws off his hands and says coldly, “Let go of me!”

After she finishes the sentence, the back of her head is suddenly held by him which forces her to look up. And her lips are suddenly covered by a pair of hot thin lips.

That kind of hard kiss makes her hard to breathe and feel as if she is about to be crushed.

The taxi driver slows down the speed in surprise when he finds a tall man grabbing the girl who waved at him just now and kissing her violently.

The car is parked along the coastal highway. Out of the car’s window, Rong Six had been standing there a long time as motionless as a wooden image. Then he suddenly comes to. He opens the taxi’s door and says, “Take me back to the city.”

He estimates that later, Song Yunxuan will angrily rebels, and she will be pulled into the car by Chu Mochen to continue his rape. At that time, he can’t watch her being raped without giving her a hand.

Song Yunxuan is tightly embraced by Chu Mochen. Two bodies press each other. But her face blushes due to her wrath.

When she is let go, she stares at him with a pair of eyes like knives and says, “Have you had enough?”

“Not yet…”

He has a hoarse voice.

When Song Yunxuan is about to push Chu Mochen away, he holds her again in his arms so that she is forced to stick his cheek to his chest.

Chu Mochen moves his mouth close to her ear and says: “Also, Changge does not like sweet things. She hates butter cookies the most. She will feel sick once she smells it.”

Song Yunxuan grasps his clothes tightly. And there is astonishment as well as sadness in her eyes.

When she lived as Gu Changge, she never knew that there would be a person thousands of miles away who remembered what she hated the most, let alone she knew the one was Chu Mochen.

But what’s the use of knowing it now?

Gu Changge has long been dead.

As Song Yunxuan, she has to be different from Gu Changge.

She should not have been repeatedly compared with Gu Changge, and treated as her substitute.

“Chu Mochen, you don’t like me.”

She hardly hesitates to tell him so affirmatively.

“I like you.”

“You just need me.” She takes a breath and continues, “That person in your heart is dead, so you need someone who is very similar to her to paralyze yourself, someone just like me.”

“What’s wrong? Except for the different faces, you are no different from her. Even your handwriting is the same.”

“It is written by Gu Changge, not by me.”

“How did you get it?”

She answers smoothly which is incredible: “Shao Xue is Shao Tianze’s sister. Shao Xue stole it for me when Shao Tianze was sorting out his old things.”

“Shao Tianze would destroy such an important thing since it is the truth about Han Rujia’s disfigurement.”

Song Yunxuan shrugs her shoulders: “Because Shao Xue is my man.”

Her words are soft, but drive Chu Mochen silent. In order to break down Gu Tianze, she really spares no effort and implements her plans step by step.

Song Yunxuan seems to know what he is thinking. She looks up at him faintly: “In order to knock Shao Tianze down, I will do anything, you don’t need to be surprised.”

Chu Mochen also gazes at her for a while in silence.

As for this woman, he really can’t see her clearly, let alone understand her.

“Now that you’ve told me everything, don’t you be afraid that I’ll tell it to Shao Tianze?”

“I’m sure you won’t, if you need me.” If Chu Mochen still wants her, he won’t cooperate with Shao Tianze.

After all, Shao Tianze is not his good friend but a competitor.

They will only compete for benefits instead of sharing them.

Chu Mochen smiles, “You’re right. I really have no reason to go to Shao Tianze, but…”

He pauses delicately and looks at her with smiling eyes, “I have no reason to help you either.”

Song Yunxuan looks up at him in dismay.

But just in a moment, she can’t help laughing: “I don’t need you to help me, and I don’t need you to intervene. You just take a hand in my business without my permission.”

Yes, she hasn’t added the Chu family to her plan since the very beginning.

However, after Chu Mochen appears, things begin to deviate from her schedule.

Chu Mochen shakes his head at the sight of her indifferent reaction. He disagrees: “You can give me a reason to help you.”