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C53 - I Want You Bear Me a Baby

Chapter 53: I Want You Bear Me a Baby
Chu Mochen’s last sentence makes Song Yunxuan laugh coldly and say: “You are bringing up demands on me.”

As Gu Changge, she had spent many years in the business circle. Therefore, she can easily know one’s status, personality and nature after she merely contacts him three times.

Chu Mochen is by no means a simple man.

“Yunxuan, if you want to defeat Gu’s, you need a backer.”

Song Yunxuan keeps quiet. She really does need a powerful supporter. If there was no one backing her up, how could she compete with Shao Tianze?

How many decades will it take to make Venus big and the Fanxing strong enough to compete with Gu?

No, it’s not a matter of decades at all.

But rather a delusion.

Gu’s three successive generations are all doing business. It almost can be regarded as Yuncheng’s century-old family of prestige. Such a family will not be easily knocked down.

If she wants revenge, she can’t wait. At least, she can’t wait indefinitely.

She lowers her eyelids, and the gloominess in her pupils is like a vigorous whirlpool of black water. Her turbulent mood is infusing into her heart layer by layer.

Gazing at her appearance, suddenly, Chu Mochen whispers: “Yunxuan, I give you a reason to persuade me to help you.”

Surprised by his words, Song Yunxuan slowly raises up her head to stare at him.

Chu Mochen’s voice is clear and serious, and he slowly utters a sentence with his thin lips: “You have to give birth to a baby who must be surnamed Chu.”

The child must be the biological descendant of Chu Mochen!

Song Yunxuan suddenly feels her fingertips numb.

Chu Mochen peacefully lifts the long hair on her cheeks to the back of her ear. He looks her in the eyes, “If you manage to bear the Chu family a baby, he or she will be your most advantageous backer.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes shake abruptly.

Then she quickly lowers her eyes and pushes away Chu Mochen’s hand. “Don’t touch me.”

She doesn’t want to bear any more children for any man.

So, don’t touch her.

She doesn’t want to use her children as a bargaining chip for her own revenge.

“I’ll give you time to think about it.”

Chu Mochen is patient. He looks down at her drooped eyelashes and grips her fingers tightly to soothe her. “Go home first, it’s cold.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “It’s chilly indeed.”

Chu Mochen sends Song Yunxuan home. Song Yunxuan keeps silent all the way. She is like a porcelain doll without soul.

But in her eyes, there are clearly calculations that others can’t easily perceive.

After she gets off the bus, Song Yunqiang comes out to welcome them. He glances at Song Yunxuan’s face before he runs to Chu Mochen and says, “Childe Chu, so coincidentally, you met Yunxuan.”

“I just went to the hospital to visit a friend and met Yunxuan when I came out of the hall.”

When nurse Wang came back, Song Yunqiang forced her to confess everything about her stay at the hospital.

When nurse Wang said that Childe Chu had a blue face when he met Yunxuan, Song Yunqiang felt that something might go wrong and hurried to call Chu’s family.

But the servant who answered the phone told him that Childe Chu had not returned yet. So, he made a phone call to them every half hour impatiently. The last time it was Rong Six of the Rong family who picked up the phone

On the phone, Song Yunqiang was impatient, but Rong Six kindly comforted him: “Don’t worry, your sister and Childe Chu had a little quarrel, but Childe Chu was not very angry.”

He’d better haven’t said that. But once he said it, there was a strong sense of gloating in his words.

Considering that the Chu family will benefit the Song family a lot as well as uplifting their social status, Song Yunqiang will surely not allow his sister to break up capriciously with Chu Mochen.

With a smile on his face, Song Yunqiang sees off Chu Mochen after exchanging courtesies. Then he hurries to knock on the door of Song Yunxuan’s room.

Song Yunxuan opens the door with a pale face.

Song Yunqiang expresses his concern and asks her, “Why does your face look so bad?”

Song Yunxuan just doesn’t want to say anything. Then Song Yunqiang opens his mouth and asks her seriously, “Did you quarrel with Childe Chu? Make him angry?”

Exhaustedly, Song Yunxuan loosens her grip on the door. “Big brother, you think too much.”

“I don’t think so.” says Song Yunqiang, as a brother who is taking care of his sister. “Yunxuan, you know, Childe Chu grows up in the Chu family as the only child. He is more knowledgeable than you. And he has more foresight than you. You should not go against Childe Chu’s will. Instead you should listen to his words. He is for your own good.”

Song Yunxuan shows no expression on her face, but she is sneering in her heart. People who has been hustling in the business circle for a long time are all profit-oriented. Nobody will act for other’s good without considering his own interest.

Chu Mochen seems to like her very much, but on the premise that he fails to get Gu Changge. According to the conquering desire of men, he should want to try again when he meets a woman similar to Gu Changge.

Chu Mochen, just being bored for too long, wants to play a game.

He has the power to gamble big chips.

And for Song Yunxuan, the only bargaining chip is herself.

Maybe it’s a good decision to conceive Chu Mochen’s children.

She lowers her eyelids with the seeming obedience, and keeps silent like a child who is confessing her mistakes.

When Song Yunqiang notices that she is so obedient, he stops preaching at her.

He only finally says: “It’s your good luck that you enjoy Childe Chu’s affection. You can seize the opportunity to marry Chu which is the dream of all the young ladies in Yuncheng.”


Song Yunxuan makes a simple sound of agreement.

Only then does Song Yunqiang leave.

That night, she still has difficulty in falling asleep.

In her dream, she goes back the year when she was pregnant with her first child, when she was still young and only twenty years old.

Shao Tianze slept with her for the first time, and she happened to be pregnant.

For the first time in her life, she experienced panic. At that time, the Gu family was facing a great crisis. Since Gu Cheng, Gu Changge’s father, was ill, his only illegitimate son and several illegitimate daughters returned to Yuncheng from different places around the world, trying to divide up the family’s property.

Her mother passed away when she was still a kid. Her father raised her all by himself. In order to keep the Gu family’s integrity, she did not devote much energy to the first child she was pregnant with.

Even she never thought of using this child to seize Shao Tianze, or to force Shao Tianze to marry her.

Her pregnancy was kept secret until one day when she accidentally dined with Shao Tianze, and when she vomited, being stimulated by the food she had eaten.

As she recalls, that day, Shao Tianze was just surprised to see that she could not stop vomiting, but showing no intention to help her.

Then, he restrained his emotion and asked her, “Are you pregnant?”

She zipped her lips and kept a straight face, trying to hide all her fragile emotions.

However, Shao Tianze held her hand tightly, kissed her eyebrows, and soothed her with a gentle voice: “Don’t be afraid, I will marry you.”

She frowned: “I will not get married.”

As the daughter of Gu’s family, the only legal daughter of her father, and the next ruler of the Gu family, how could she allow herself to step out of the door of Gu’s family and become the belongings of others?

But Shao Tianze seemed to see through her mind. He said, “It doesn’t matter. It’s all yours. As long as you are willing to give birth to a child, he or she will follow your surname.”

According to the Chinese traditional culture passing down the generations, the action of marrying into the bride’s family has been regarded as a symbol of humiliation and dishonor for the bridegroom.

She never thought of letting Shao Tianze marry into the Gu family. But when she was at the darkest time, facing enemies from all directions, he said he would like marry to the Gu family.

At that time, she felt that she was not alone on the way forward. People around her began to be willing to accompany her on the trip through the jungle.


But after all, Shao Tianze eventually failed her.

Now she thinks about it carefully, and finds that Shao Tianze’s plot is really meticulous since he had been patiently waiting for many years.

He is a medical student and a renowned medical scholar.

It’s easy for him to get her pregnant. He calculated her, her pregnancy, the time when she would be pregnant, and even the things that could make her vomit when she saw or smelled it.

Shao Tianze is indeed an elite in medicine.

Slowly, she opens her eyes in the dark night. She stares into space with her eyes narrowing inch by inch.

Shao Tianze succeeded in starting the plan of stealing the Gu family because she was pregnant with a child.

Why can’t she start her revenge of destroying Shao Tianze from a child?

As the old saying goes, a real man will adopt ruthless practices to achieve his destination.

Since she had been nurtured by her father for many years in the Gu family, she kept that saying in her mind which she had never applied on herself yet.

Now, her eyebrows slowly show a trace of cruelty. As her silver teeth clench, she tells herself: “Just a child.”

It’s just a child, that’s all right.

She bets!

As long as she can let Shao Tianze down, she will gamble!

Unlike in Gu’s mansion, the night is still young for Chu Mochen in his house.

He sits in front of the bar in his blue pajama, drinking by himself.

The golden liquor makes a soft sound when it is poured out of a precious and exquisite bottle.

The coming footsteps makes Chu Mochen looks up slightly. “Wanna a drink?”

The teenager is reflected on the glass cabinet at the bar’s opposite. He goes to the bar chair next to him and sits down with a smile. “Brother Chu is so stingy. I seldom come to Chu’s house. Why do you have to drink in the middle of the night? Are you afraid that I would rob you of your drink?

Chu Mochen smiles and takes a clean hexagonal glass of crystal to pour him the liquor: “No, I’m just afraid that you are not used to it.”

Feeling being despised, Rong Six raises his beautiful long eyebrows. He reaches for it and takes the shot.

Then, the expression on his face changes. After he manages to swallow the drink, the first sentence he speaks is the name of the wine: “SMTRNOFF?”

Chu Mochen nods and asks him, “How does it taste?”

Rong Six wipes his mouth and pushes the glass forward slightly. “My father says that I haven’t reached the age of 18 so that I am not supposed to have such a strong drink. You should drink it yourself.”

Chu Mochen can’t help but simmer with laughter, and drinks the spirits originating in Moscow and enriched in the United States.

This kind of liquor tastes mild and pure, but it’s very strong. People who can’t get used to it will feel choking instead.

Chu Mochen began to like it the second year after he went to the United States.

But after the first sip, he turns his glass to think that if Gu Changge had ever drunk it, she would like the taste very much.

His eyes turn slightly when he thinks of what happened many years ago.

Rong Six seldom finds such a soft expression on his face, so he is a little horrified: “Why you’re so happy today? Did you threaten the little girl?”

Chu Mochen shakes his head, “No, it’s not a threat.”

“Then, what did you make her do?” Rong Six is curious.

Chu Mochen gazes at him, “I told her to bear me a baby.”