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C56 - It's Just the Beginning

C56 - It's Just the Beginning

Chapter 56: It’s Just the Beginning
Song Yunxuan’s smile on her lips is relaxed and happy.

But no one perceives it.

Chu Mochen looks slightly sideways at her sleeping on her side, with some emotions frozen deep in his eyes.

Song Yunxuan did better than he had imagined, and she did it as quick as a flash.

Song Yunxuan has breakfast in the restaurant before being sent back home by Chu Mochen.

This time in the car, instead of keeping a poker face silently, she looks ahead all the way.

Chu Mochen observes her carefully, and finds her eyes twinkling with pleasure and happiness appearing on her eyebrows.

Her smile is like a white rose in the early morning. Although it is beautiful and pale, it is clean, light and fierce.

Chu Mochen grabs her wrist when she is about to get off the car.

Song Yunxuan looks down at his finger with which he is holding her wrist, then looks up in his eyes: “What’s wrong?”

“You seem to be in a good mood.” Chu Mochen looks at her.

Song Yunxuan thinks about it for a moment and does not deny it.

“Don’t you show any gratitude to me?”

It is all his credit that she was able to sneak out of the sight of those who followed her last night.

Song Yunxuan understands what he means, but does not obediently kiss him, or thank him.

She just takes his finger off her wrist with the other hand: “I’m not used to being blackmailed. I can give it to you on my own initiative, but you can’t ask for it.”

Chu Mochen’s fingers are removed from her wrist. She strides away smartly like a breeze.

Chu Mochen laughs helplessly, shakes his head and drives away.

Song Yunxuan is arrogant and stubborn, which even makes ordinary men feel her unacceptable.

But the main reason why men find it difficult to accept her is that this woman can’t be perfectly mastered.

Man has a primitive desire to conquer, especially to make a woman submit to him.

And Song Yunxuan can just arouse the conquest desire of men.

She is like a graceful noble cat of charm. But she will never wear away her internal sharp spines and blades.

Because of this, many people have to let go of her.

But Chu Mochen doesn’t want to give up that easy.

In his opinion, the wild and proud kitten is no more than a young cat after all.

No matter how sharp its claws are, they can’t resist lions and cheetahs.

He will capture her body as well as her heart, and possess her completely.

When Song Yunxuan returns home, Song Yunying is going bananas.

Song Yunxuan just comes in and hears a crash of jade ornament.

With a chilly face, she faintly looks at the woman with tousled hair in the living room.

The woman does not notice her, but only hysterically shouts “Xue Tao, bastard! How dare he hook up with that kind of bitch behind my back! ”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t care about it. Looking at the broken jade ornaments on the ground, she doesn’t show any pity.

On the contrary, when Song Yunying madly picks up the next blue and white porcelain vase of Yuan Dynasty next to her in order to throw it on the ground, she says, “Sister, look at the price of the things you’re going to break. This is the treasure that our brother just bought from Christie’s auction which costs him more than 10 million yuan. Can Xue Tao be worth this price?”

Song Yunying pauses her hands and looks back fiercely at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan holds still at the place where she stands.

It just happens that the door on the second floor opens.

Song Yunying doesn’t pay attention to it, but scolds, ” You’re a little bitch born of a third-rate star. What do you mean? Xue Tao, he…”

“He’s not worth more than this vase.”

A low voice comes from the second floor.

Song Yunying is stunned. A faint smile rises on Song Yunxuan’s lips as she looks up at Song Yan, who is in his wheelchair steered out by Song Yunqiang on the second floor.

Song Yan’s face is serious and cold. When he notices the vase in Song Yunying’s hand, his eyes are even more freezing. He orders her, “Put it down!”

Song Yunying was going to say that Xue Tao is worth hundreds of times more than the vases like this. But when being glared by her father, she feels powerless and puts the vase in the place where it was originally laid with tears in her eyes.

Song Yan glances at Song Yunxuan and his voice is still serious: “Yunying, look at what you look like now? If you have suffered grievance in your mother-in-law’s house, you should not go mad when you come back home. Instead, you are supposed to explain it to us in a peaceful manner.

Song Yunying says nothing. Song Yan impatiently rebukes her, “Look at the things you smashed on the ground. Shame on you!”

The broken teacups, teapots and jade ornaments on the ground are of great value to ordinary families, but they are nothing to the merchants of the Song family.

The reason why Song Yan talks in that way is not because he feels his heart bleeding when the treasures are smashed on the ground but he dislikes the fact that his daughter loses her face in her mother in law’s house.

Song Yunying doesn’t understand that. After her father scolds her, she immediately sits on the sofa in a sulk and begins to cry with tissues in her hand: “Dad, the things smashed is not of value, but what Xue Tao has done is really too much. Why doesn’t my brother give me the photos of that slut, I will go and ask Xue Tao whom the bitch is! ”

Song Yunqiang looks at Song Yan in embarrassment: “Dad, this matter still needs your advice. I think it would be too irrational of Yunying to go directly to Xue Tao.”

Song Yunqiang is considerate. He feels it normal that a descendant of a powerful family has a few sexual companions as long as he doesn’t take them home and mess around. Her sister is really making a fuss over a trifle.

But he can’t say that lest it will irritate Song Yunying. He has to take the photos and videos to his father, Song Yan, seeking for his suggestions.

When Song Yan saw it, his face was gloomy. So, he had to come out to teach Song Yunying a lesson.

Song Yan doesn’t preach at Song Yunying nor does he criticize her severely. He just speaks in a gentle voice: “Yunying, you’re not a child, you should think before you leap especially when you’re pregnant now.”

Song Yunying looks up at her father with tears in her eyes.

Song Yan looks thoughtfully at her belly: “Leave alone those trivial things. As long as you have given birth to Xue Tao’s child, you need not to be afraid whether Xue Tao hooks up with the chicks or not.”

Song Yunying bites her lower lip. Although she knows what her father says is right, she really loves Xue Tao.

She doesn’t want to stop at all.

“But Dad, what if Xue Tao makes that woman pregnant…”

Her face turns pale and she looks terrified.

Song Yunxuan knows why Song Yunying is worried, because Xue Tao is not the biological father of the baby in Song Yunying’s belly.

If the secret is revealed by others while the woman Xue Tao messes around with happens to be pregnant, Song Yunying will probably not be able to stay at Xue’s house.

Song Yunying has been in the Song family for many years and has also taken over some industries of the Song family. Naturally, she knows that everything must be done without mistake.

Seeing her biting her lips, Song Yan reassures her in a low and gentle voice: “If she gets pregnant, she may not be able to bring her child to this world safely. Why do you worry so much?”

Listening to their conversation, Song Yunxuan stands beside her with a smile on her lips which is so faint as to be invisible from a distance.

Song Yunying eventually understands his father’s meaning from the second half of his father’s sentence. She is shocked. After a while of introspection, she looks down, wipes her tears and nods, “Sorry, Dad, Brother, it’s my fault.”

Since Song Yunying takes the initiative to apologize and Song Yan also spoils his daughter, he nods and asks Song Yunqiang to drive him back into the room.

Before leaving, he thoughtfully has a glimpse at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan seems to have noticed it and looks up at Song Yan with a poker face.

Song Yan looks at her clear pupils, then he averts his eyes without saying anything.

Recently, he always feels that this little girl may not be as simple as she appears. But when he finds her clear pupils, he thinks they are so clean and pure that its owner shouldn’t be a calculating person.

He really dislikes this little daughter. If Chu Mochen had not fallen in love with her, he would never have let her stay in the Song family anymore.

After Song Yan enters the room, Song Yunying plunges into the sofa like a deflated balloon.

When Song Yunxuan is about to turn around and leave,

Song Yunying suddenly looks up and says, “Are you laughing at me?”

Song Yunxuan does not have a smile on her face, and her voice is faint and very cold: “Sister, you can only blame yourself for your blindness when choosing your spouse.”

Song Yunying does not speak with hatred growing deep in her eyes. And she bites her lower lip.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t talk to her sister much. She still has more important things to do today.

As for Song Yunying’s issue, her father has given her a succinct instruction about what to do next.

If Song Yunying is not a fool, she can prevent Zhang Xiao from giving birth to Xue’s child, or even prevent her from becoming pregnant.

Song Yunxuan goes upstairs, opens the door and enters the bedroom which is very neat.

Song Yan and Song Yunqiang leaves her aside in order to deal with Song Yunying’s affairs.

Anyway, they don’t need to talk to her. Song Yan and Song Yunqiang should have known that she spent the night with Chu Mochen.

Their real purpose of making so many phone calls is just to show that the Song family cares about the little girl so that Chu Mochen may think that this girl actually matters in the Song family.

If she had picked up the phone, the Song family would have questioned her about her being at that time. They would prefer her not to answer.

Song Yunxuan knows a lot about their hypocritical code of conduct. After returning to her room, she washes her face and turns on the computer.

What shown on the screen is an e-mail from Xiao Hong.

Only three words appear after she clicks on it — it’s all right.

As Song Yunxuan observes the words, her eyes are shining with gloom as if they are shrouded in mist, which is extremely chilly.

She smiles slyly and clicks the mouse to delete the email immediately.

When she browses the web, she finds a lot of news on the topic of Venus salon and Gu’s.

Overnight, Yi Xiaoning and Han Rujia issued news reports suggesting that Gu bought them up and framed Venus, which have been posted on the home page of major websites.

Everyone wants to see how Gu’s, the absolute power in Yuncheng that never has any scandal, will deal with the two consumers who come forward to accuse them of framing their competitors.

Such news has attracted so much public attention that even the news of a rich second generation’s marriage has been crowded out of the headlines.

Song Yunxuan is delighted by such a huge wave of public opinion when she scrolls her mouse to browse the web.

She thinks that there must be a good play in the Song family now.

She doesn’t know how Shao Tianze feels when he learns that Han Rujia and Yi Xiaoning comes out two years later to clarify this matter.

Song Yunxuan already feels very happy just to think about it.

She smiles with satisfaction: “Shao Tianze, you have to hold on, this is just the beginning.”