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C58 - Suspicion of Chu

Chapter 58: Suspicion of Chu
“Quanshou, Juying, Meihu, Haijiao, Jiongtu.” the secretary lists all the Internet forums that refuse to retreat the relevant information about Gu’s defamation of its peers from their home page.

Shao Tianze’s voice is cold without any trace of anxiety: “Find some hackers.”

Indeed, at this time, if the other parties won’t friendly withdraw the information or delete them, Gu’s has to employ hackers.

The secretary’s face is even grimmer: “They have good firewalls. The hacker group we used to employ is now working for the Chu family, so they just politely decline our request.”

On hearing the secretary’s words, Shao Tianze’s handsome face becomes cold: “Which website first uploaded content?”

After thinking about it, the Secretary says, “Chairman Shao, several large forums started to upload at the same time. There is no order of it. And once the information got uploaded, it would get high-frequency clicks immediately. Within an hour, it had reached 100 million clicks.”

When the Secretary says this, Shao Tianze’s eyes glow dimly. He says in a sharp and cold voice: “Such a high click volume is abnormal, there must be someone manipulating behind the scene.”

The secretary also agrees with what Shao Tianze has said: “Chairman Shao, what do you think we should do now?”

Shao Tianze is sitting in a chair with a somber face in a moderate manner. He is really familiar with Gu Changge’s way of dealing with company affairs since they had been married for many years. And he is also a smart man who learns a lot from Gu Changge, a business genius.

The secretary is worried: “Chairman Shao, if we don’t stop the fast dissemination of the public opinion now, it will have a considerable impact on Gu’s reputation.”

Shao Tianze raises his head and looks at the Secretary coldly. “It’s not that bad as you think. Tianxiang salon is just a small industry under Gu’s control. It can’t represent Gu’s as a whole. Even if we abandon the Tianxiang salon now, it won’t have a great influence on Gu’s reputation.”

“But…” The secretary is in a dilemma. “But the turnover of Tianxiang salon is very considerable. Chairman Gu attached great importance to Tianxiang Beauty in her lifetime. Chairman Shao, would it be appropriate if you abandon it in such a casual way?”

The secretary is doubtful and uncertain about Shao Tianze’s abandonment of Tianxiang salon.

Shao Tianze’s face is tightened up little by little. His soft and beautiful face turns cold and solemn.

Looking at his eyes behind the glasses, the secretary feels that he has said something wrong: “Mr. Shao, I didn’t mean to mention that just now. Don’t be so sad.”

Shao Tianze’s left-hand finger has been clenched into a fist which hangs naturally on his side. Because his left hand is not on the table, the Secretary can’t see the movements of his hands.

Otherwise, the secretary would know how hard Shao Tianze’s clenched when he mentioned the word “Chairman Gu”. For a moment, his pale hands had clear bulging green veins on the back.

The secretary is cautious.

Shao Tianze still says with a peaceful tone: “Tianxiang salon is not only Changge’s industry but also Gu’s inseparable industry. I certainly will not give it up because of some public gossip.”

The secretary nods and says nothing more.

Finding his nervousness, Shao Tianze tells him to go out and continue his work: “Since the websites refuse to withdraw this matter from their home page, we’d better keep silent first. Sometimes, some things need not be explained urgently, otherwise, they will be more and more obscure.”

The secretary nods modestly: “Yes, Chairman Shao.”

After the secretary goes out, Shao Tianze squints bitterly.

The clenched fingers are loosened one by one, but his chin is tight, and his face is not as soft as usual.

He always repeats that word—Chairman Gu…

Although Gu Changge is dead, these are people still remembering her.


Just because Gu Changge is surnamed Gu, the original owner of Gu’s?

Shao Tianze sneers and undoes his fist finger by finger. With his hands placed on the table, he looks at the picture of Gu Changge on the desk and shakes his head. “Gu Changge, you are dead. Why should these people still remember you?”

Gu Changge in the photo is still young, around 26 years old. She is beautiful and elegant. She is as white as a floating cloud in the sky which can’t be stained.

With his slender white fingers, he rubs the photo as gentle as touching the woman’s cheeks. But his words are cold and ruthless: “Changge, don’t be too proud. Even if all staff of Gu’s remember you, it can’t prevent them from following my surname, Shao, from now on.”

The woman in the picture still smiles.

Shao Tianze feels that the woman seems to be laughing at his arrogance, satirizing his incompetence. And he could not help but throw the picture frame in the air.

A snap.

The crystal frame falls to the ground, and the fragments split the woman’s smile in the picture.

He smiles, with bitter coldness and hatred in his eyes.

The secretary outside hears a noise in the office and phones him anxiously. “What’s wrong, Mr. Shao?”

“I just accidentally broke something, come in and clean it up.”

The Secretary quickly comes in from the outside and cleans up the debris. But when he hands the photo to Shao Tianze, Shao Tianze takes a glance at the person on it and then put it in between the pages of an unimportant book.

After the secretary goes out, he throws the book into a trash can, “Changge, it’s time for you to leave Gu’s.”

Like this photo which should no longer appear on the chairman’s desk.

Because you are no longer the chairman of Gu’s board.

Gu’s does not belong to you anymore.

On this noisy day of the Gu family, Song Yunxuan is extremely calm.

It was only in the afternoon when Shao Xue suddenly makes a phone call to her.

Shao Xue’s voice comes from the other end of the telephone, very clearly,

“Yunxuan, will you come to Fanxing in these days?”

“It depends.” the guys sent by Song Yunqiang and the Song Yan still stick to their posts.

At this time, Gu’s is criticized by the public. She’d better stay in the Song family, going nowhere in order to keep herself away from the fire and let people think that Venus is indeed handed over to a brainy woman.

Shao Xue nods before whispering, “My brother let me move to live with the Gu family.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyelids rise in surprise, and the blood on her fingertips stagnates slightly.

On the phone, she just pauses and calmly responds, “Listen to him and get along well with them after moving in.”

After Shao Xue agrees, Song Yunxuan hangs up, saying nothing more.

Just after the phone is hung up, she couldn’t help opening her lips coldly: “That’s my home.”

The Gu family belongs to her, Gu Changge. But now, Shao Tianze should totally regard the whole Gu family as his own possession.

The fact that he let Shao Xue live in the Gu family is exactly what she wants.

However, she had thought that such an ambitious man as Shao Tianze would ponder carefully before letting his sister live next to him, but hadn’t anticipated that Shao Xue was so trusted by him.

It seems that this movement is right.

But what will the envious Gu Changle think when Shao Xue lives in?

At the thought of her sister who pretended to be meek for more than twenty years, she can’t help but show a despising expression in her eyes.

At dinner time, Song Yunqiang comes back from the outside with sweat all over his head.

The servant takes his coat off, and Song Yunqiang urgently asks, “Where is Yunxuan?”

The servant replies in a low voice, “Miss Yunxuan has been at home and has not gone anywhere.”

In surprise, Song Yunqiang goes upstairs to find Song Yan.

Song Yunxuan withdraws that expression in her eyes and continues to eat.

It seems that such an event on Gu’s also has an impact on the Song family.

She is right that the scandal on the Gu family does also influence the Song family.

Not until the fruit is served does Song Yunqiang changes his clothes and comes downstairs to have his meal.

Song Yunxuan asks him curiously, “Brother, when you came back just now, you were sweating all over your head. What happened?”

Sitting in his chair, Song Yunqiang frowns: “Gu’s beauty industry has been slandered. Gu’s stock profits will plummet these days. I wonder whether I should withdraw from Gu’s capital at the next project.”

Although the Song family’s strength is very different from that of Gu family, they also cooperate in some projects.

For example, Gu’s has just set foot in a piece of land in the eastern suburbs of Yuncheng, and signed a cooperation contract with the Song family after taking it.

After Song Yunqiang says this, Song Yunxuan chooses to remain silent for the time being.

She led Gu’s through more than ten years when she was in the company. Over these ten years, she saw the ups and downs of many enterprises from the beginning to the end.

Now Gu’s is suffering a crisis. And what has been slandered is Tianxiang salon. Naturally, what comes first to people’s minds is that it is set up by its competitor, the people in the same profession.

And Venus is the first one to be suspected.

Song Yunqiang is very unhappy: “I was going to ask Dad about this. But Dad’s condition is not very good, so he let me handle it by myself.”

On hearing this sentence, Song Yunxuan understands that Song Yan just wants to test his son’s ability to hustle in the business circle.

She ponders for a moment, then she opens her mouth and continues to ask him, “What do you want to do with that, big brother?”

Song Yunqiang also talks explicitly. But he looks at her, feeling strange. “Although the Gu family is big, the fact that Tianxiang Beauty uses consumers to slander Venus is indeed evident. According to the current situation, within a few days, Gu’s reputation will be seriously damaged. If it is true, there will be lawsuits against the Gu’s.”

Song Yunqiang takes a sip of the thin soup served in front of him. Then he continues, “The Song family and the Gu family just began their cooperation several months ago. I think Shao Tianze’s appointment is not stable. There is no need for the Song family to continue to cooperate with him, otherwise, we may suffer losses.”

Song Yunxuan pretends to be doubtful: “Brother, if something happens on the Gu family, why will we suffer?”

Song Yunqiang sighs: “Yunxuan, this is definitely not an accident. Some people show up to fight against Gu’s out of what they had done two years ago. Probably, someone wants to knock Shao Tianze down.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyebrows stretch at ease: “Who does brother think should be the one?”

Song Yunqiang frowns and wants to say something. But when he looks at Song Yunxuan’s face, he holds his words back.

“Brother, you can say anything to me. I will keep it a secret.”

Song Yunqiang frowns, and his expression is complex: “The information gets spread so fast. And many websites have put the message on their home page for more than 24 hours. All these symptoms can’t be done without the support of the Gu’s competitor.”

It suddenly dawns on Song Yunxuan, “Brother, are you suspecting the Chu’s?”