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C59 - The Song Family Chooses Team

Chapter 59: The Song Family Chooses Team
Throughout Yuncheng, it is well known that only Chu has the power to compete with Gu’s enterprises.

Towards Song Yunxuan’s question, Song Yunqiang simply does not hide: “Yunxuan, you know, Chu’s ability is similar to Gu’s, and Chu Mochen is just the person who bought Venus. If one wants to make Venus rise again, he must rehabilitate it first.”

Song Yunxuan pretends to be confused: “But Venus is now mine.”

Song Yunqiang is amused: “Childe Chu gave you Venus only as a show for the public. It is impossible for you at such a young age with little experience to prosper Venus. Of course, Childe Chu would not watch Venus dying in your hand. So, he helped you secretly.”

Song Yunxuan feels it incredible, frowning and looking at Song Yunqiang in horror. “If that’s the case, don’t you have to choose between Gu and Chu to have cooperation with?”

Song Yunqiang nods sadly: “That’s why I am distressed.”

Song Yunxuan’s voice becomes a little lower: “Sorry, elder brother, for I having a relationship with Childe Chu that makes elder brother so embarrassed.”

Song Yunqiang shakes his head: “You think a lot, Yunxuan. Even if our father hopes that Yunjia may marry Shao Tianze, but their marriage is not something that can be settled overnight.”

“But…” Song Yunxuan retorts, “if I have nothing to do with Childe Chu, the Song family can cooperate with Gu family and give up Chu family. Maybe Shao Tianze will change his mind and marry my elder sister.”

Song Yunqiang sneers: “I heard that Gu Changle, Gu Changge’s sister, has a good relationship with Shao Tianze… Whether he can marry Yunjia or not depends on Changle.

Song Yunxuan is puzzled: “Gu Changle? Haven’t you said that she is just Gu Changge’s sister in law? If her brother in law wants to marry someone, does he still need her permission?”

Song Yunqiang takes a sip of water, and his expression is cold: “The fact may not be what you’re thinking. Gu Changle and Gu Changge share no kinship at all. Gu Changle was brought back from the orphanage by Gu Changge’s father. I heard from the hospital that Shao Tianze has an affair with Gu Changle.”

Then Song Yunqiang stops gossiping about their relationship.

But from Song Yunqiang’s words, Song Yunxuan hears the implication.

Song Yunqiang wants to become a member of Chu Mochen’s team because he thinks that his younger sister will marry Chu successfully, while he regards the older sister marrying into the Gu family as an unreal illusion.

After eating the fruit after dinner, Song Yunxuan has a chat with his eldest brother again. And then she goes upstairs to get washed up in a confused manner.

She doesn’t need to be too smart in front of her eldest brother, or even consult him about any action to interfere with the family.

She just needs to be in the dark, guiding the Song family little by little.

Yes, she does not want the Song family to stand by the Gu family.

As for those who support the Gu family, to be more precise, who are Shao Tianze’s subordinates, she will make them all pledge loyalty to herself.

Let Shao Tianze finally become alone.

After 48 hours of speculation and criticism from its competitors, Gu’s holds a press conference at 8 a.m. on the third day.

At a press conference, a well-known corporate entity is entrusted to claim that Gu has been defamed and to prosecute the two people who defame Gu’s.

If the two consumers do not apologize to Gu’s Tianxiang salon within 72 hours, they will get sued.

For a while, there are a lot of talks in the beauty industry.

Shao Tianze, who controls the whole Gu family, after looking through all the remains of Gu Changge and the documents she had handled, and finds out in distress that none of the documents are about Yi Xiaoning and Han Rujia.

Standing in front of his desk, he scans through the last few unseen documents line by line.

Then he throws the papers aside and sits down behind the sandalwood desk.

“Gu Changge, as a matter of fact, never leaks her secrets.”

Even her husband can’t find any information about it.

If Gu Changge had deleted all her secrets, then, where did the two consumers who accused Tianxiang salon of framing Venus get their papers?

Shao Tianze makes a phone call to Gu Changle. She thinks about it before replying, “You have been sleeping with her for so many years, don’t you know her habits?”

“What habits?”

Gu Changle opens her mouth: “I also overheard that my elder sister is a person who likes doubting. Her confidential information is kept by the international confidentiality agencies of the Rong family. So, might the case about Yi Xiaoning and Han Rujia also be filed into that agency?”

The Rong family is not strange for superior business families. It is a family that keeps secrets for generations as a service for others.

Now, this century-old family has passed down to the third generation.

It is heard that the fourth generation only has a 17-year-old boy.

On hearing Gu Changle’s words, Shao Tianze has a plan in mind: “I’ll contact the Rong family.”

Gu Changle makes a sound of agreement, then gently opens her mouth: “I’m recovering very well, Dr. Wang said, I could be discharged tomorrow. Are you coming to pick me up?”

“Of course, you have a good rest tonight. Tomorrow, I want to see your healthy appearance.”

Gu Changle responds shyly, then hangs up the phone.

No sooner than Shao Tianze sends someone to check the Rong family’s information does he get the number.

Only when the servant gives him the number, he says, “Chairman Shao, Childe Rong has a close relationship with Chu Mochen.”

When Shao Tianze hears this, his heart trembles slightly. But he nods his head with a peaceful expression on his face. Then he asks the servant to go out and makes a phone call to Rong Six alone.

Rong Six picks up the phone very soon as if he has expected that he would call. He says with a smile, “Sir, do you need Rong’s service? As long as it respects other people’s privacy and the rules of the Rong family, I can help you solve it.”

Rong Six knows that it is Shao Tianze on the other end of the phone. Because the Rong family’s confidential agencies are all over the world, they clearly know the private mobile phone numbers of high-level business people in Yuncheng.

Shao Tianze wants to talk straight: “Mr. Rong, I am Shao Tianze of the Gu family.”


The other end of the phone repeats it, and then suddenly asks, “Why doesn’t Gu Changge call me in person?”

Shao Tianze won’t know that Rong Six winks at Chu Mochen beside him after he has finished that question.

With a poker face, Chu Mochen takes a sip of the black coffee in a bone china cup.

Shao Tianze hesitates for a moment before he says, “Gu Changge was my wife. She died three months ago.”

“Dead?” Rong Six’s tone and voice are very exaggerated as if he was Gu Changge’s good companion who was unaware of her death at all.

Shao Tianze nods: “That’s it.”

“That’s a pity, Mr. Shao. May she rest in peace.” Rong Six’s voice obviously becomes a little gloomy.

Shao Tianze asks for the information he needs step by step: “My wife had a close relationship with your company in her lifetime. I hope you can decrypt my wife’s confidential information stored in your company and show them to me.”

Rong Six grins quietly on the other end. Covering the microphone, he talks to Chu Mochen: “Shao Tianze really comes for the documents of Changge during her lifetime.”

Chu Mochen raises his head and stares at Rongliu calmly.

Rong Six seems to have been frozen by the chilliness in his eyes. He coughs immediately and answers the phone, “Mr. Shao. I’m really sorry. According to the rules, if one is not the person whom the secret files belong to, he has no right to access them. Thank you for informing me that Gu Changge has passed away. I will send someone to destroy all her confidential documents in accordance with the procedure immediately. ”

Rong Six’s answer is so fluent that it seems like he has practiced it for dozens of times.

Now that’s all, Shao Tianze just feels the muscle on his fingertips tightened.

Then, Rong Six politely says goodbye and hangs up the phone.

But Shao Tianze holds the phone in his hands.

He only feels that the whole world is against him. Even though Gu Changge is dead, she still shrouds him like a huge shadow, blocking his sunshine, making him suffocating and putting him in the darkness.

The temperature of his fingertips drops slightly until he turns around and looks out of the window at the sky.

He steps the whole Gu’s under his feet, yet the confidential information of it is still like the fruit covered by hard crust.

He can see it but still unable to taste it.

It takes him quite a while to put down his cell phone in which there is no sound.

He squints his eyes and droops his eyelashes. “Gu Changge, you are more calculating than I thought.”

In fact, Gu Changge is not more calculating, but just taking precautions.

She is the only one who knows everything about herself.

Even towards her husband, she still remains a little privacy.

It is just this secret that makes Shao Tianze stumble over.

On the following day, all the media companies in Yuncheng pays closer attention to Gu Changge. And they question Shao Tianze because Gu’s violation of their routine that they should have suppressed their negative news in three days.

All newspapers are doing a comparison between Gu Changge and Shao Tianze. One showed her perfect and sophisticated skills when she was in charge of the Gu’s, while the other just fumbles around, feeling confused when he has taken office.

Gu’s holds a small meeting inside the company in which the participators are several old shareholders who know something about the disfigurement accident at that time.

They bluntly admit: “Chairman Shao, chairman Gu did it in her lifetime, and the evidence provided by Yi Xiaoning is true.”

Shao Tianze sits on the chair at the conference table and sneers, “Manager Liu, do you know what you are talking about?”

There are many wrinkles on his face. And the hair has also turned grey at his temples. He had been following Gu Changge since she became a member of the Gu’s. Now, although Shao Tianze wants to get rid of him as the old followers of his predecessor, he has not found any right excuse.

Manager Liu nods: “Chairman Shao, I know what I’m talking about, but now if you want to protect Tianxiang salon and try to recover its loss, you should not focus on my grammatical mistakes, but think about how to shut the mouths of the two people who are charging against Gu’s.”

Finally, the man adds a sentence: “If Chairman Gu is alive, she will do it.”

Shao Tianze’s face becomes gloomy for a moment.

He has been living in the shadow of Gu Changge.

All the time, he has been suppressed by Gu Changge.