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C60 - Bodhisattva Face with a Snake and Scorpion Heart

Chapter 60: Bodhisattva Face with a Snake and Scorpion Heart
For a moment, Shao Tianze clearly understands that the reason why he is sitting on the chairman’s seat of Gu’s is not the aspiration of the people but their decision made when there is no other choice.

If Gu Changge’s son grew up, it would be the child whom these old guys are supporting instead of him.

Blood has such a wonderful and powerful force.

He is merely Gu Changge’s husband. But the child is indeed Gu Changge’s biological descendant, half of her blood runs in his body.

Having bleakness in his eyes, he ends the meeting.

After a sleepless night, some shareholders complain that Gu’s stock exchange has fallen sharply, and many people rush to sell Gu’s shares in a frightened fashion.

Other companies that cooperate with the Gu’s begin to delay signing the contract for a variety of reasons.

Overnight, people’s falsehood even develops to the extent that such a large group as Gu’s will collapse in an instant.

Looking at the Yuncheng Morning Post on the breakfast table the next morning, Song Yunxuan carefully examines the recent photographs of Shao Tianze posted in the newspaper. And then she puts on a sarcastic smile: “Chairman Shao hasn’t lost weight since his wife passed away, and he has a better outlook.”

Song Yunqiang, who is enjoying his dinner at her opposite, looks up. “Gu Changge was too strong in her lifetime. Living in her shadow, even his man was suffocating. Now that Gu Changge is died, his husband will surely live with more ease.”

“That’s it.” Song Yunxuan nods thoughtfully. And then she suddenly asks Song Yunqiang, “Brother, do you think Shao Tianze would hate Gu Changge?”

Song Yunqiang thought for a moment and carelessly answers, “All men hate women who are over powerful. With her tough diplomacy, Gu Changge is too hard. She was used to overshadowing Shao Tianze in front of the public. If Shao Tianze does not really love her, of course, he will hate her very much.”

In this way, Song Yunqiang raises his head: “Therefore, Childe Chu will like such a woman as you. You also need to mind little business. Once you get married into the Chu family, you won’t have to worry about the money. All you need to do is to assist your husband, teach your kid, and do spa.”

Song Yunxuan smiles and says, “Yes, I will listen to my eldest brother.”

Song Yunqiang is satisfied. Then he nods, and then drinks up the milk at the table.

After Song Yunxuan reads several pages of newspapers, she finds a murder case in Yuncheng. She frowns: “Brother, look at this news. A man stabs a woman for more than twenty times after they get broken up. What a cruel person.”

Song Yunqiang shrugs his shoulders: “Sometimes couples will regard each other as enemies.”

There is a trace of innocence in Song Yunxuan’s eyes. Looking at Song Yunqiang, she asks Song Yunqiang as if she was guessing: “Brother, in your opinion, will Shao Tianze be against Gu Changge?”

Song Yunqiang is shocked, feeling somewhat confused. And even his eyes are momentary strange.

He is an adult, and of course, he understands what Song Yunxuan means.

“Do you suspect that Shao Tianze murdered Gu Changge?”

Song Yunxuan quickly moves backward. And she makes the explanation as if demonstrating her innocence: “Brother, don’t talk like that. I just wonder if Shao Tianze would quarrel with his beloved wife.”

Although Song Yunqiang is satisfied with his meal, he suddenly feels a little creepy under the guidance of Song Yunxuan.

Gu Changge has no hereditary disease. There are even bodyguards following her when she usually walks on the street. How could a car accident suddenly happen on her which would cause her to get amputated?

Obviously, many people had visited Gu Changge after the surgery. But they said that Gu Changge did not feel negative and world-weary after the amputation. Instead, she tried very hard to survive. But why did she suddenly agreed to transplant her heart to her sister Gu Changle?

In this way, Song Yunqiang thinks it is very strange regardless of her psychological condition.


“Yunxuan, you can just think about it. But you must never mention it when going out. Gu Changge is Shao Tianze’s wife. How could Shao Tianze murder his wife?”

Sitting in her seat with her eyes looking down, Song Yunxuan drinks the water.

Song Yunqiang suddenly goes upstairs to find Song Yan as if something occurs to him.

As Song Yunxuan hears Song Yunqiang’s footsteps on its way upstairs, and her lips outline a contemptuous smile –Is it strange that the couples commit mutual killing? Under some circumstances, even siblings will want to finish each other.

As long as there are disputes of interest that are tempting enough, some people will not care about feelings, but become ruthless.

She slowly calms down her angry and steely eyes. Grabbing the cup with her finger, she drinks up the milk in it.

This breakfast is very enjoyable. She thinks Song Yunqiang will soon turn what she has said just now into his own words, and tell it to Song Yan.

Then, he will ask Song Yan for ideas about which big tree should the Song family should cling to in the future.

After all, they have to make a choice between the Gu and the Chu.

However, this choice represents that the Song family will have a long way to go so that they must be very determined.

Otherwise, the left one will always have hatred in their hearts, waiting for the day to grind the Song family into ashes.

After drinking the milk, Song Yunxuan curls her lips slightly. She wipes her finger with a tissue, gets up and leaves the table.

After breakfast, Shao Xue of Fanxing magazine receives a telephone call.

It is from Song Yunxuan.

“You can have a day off today.”

“But I still have a lot of work to do.”

Shao Xue’s dedication and diligence are well known in the company.

Song Yunxuan’s voice is gentle: “Never mind, hand your work today over to Xiao Hong who will finish it for you. You just follow Shao Tianze today.”

Shao Xue is slightly surprised: “But Shao Tianze hasn’t dated me since he will go to the hospital to pick up Changle who is going to be discharged today.”

“When will he take you to the Gu family?”

Shao Xue thinks about what Shao Tianze said that day and says, “He said that I should pack up my luggage after Gu Changle leaves the hospital when he would take me to the Gu family.”

A tender smile shows up on Song Yunxuan’s lip corners. And her eyes glitter with cunning lights: “Shao Xue, Gu Changle can be called the hostess of the Gu family. If you want to live in the Gu family, first of all, you have to ask for Gu Changle’s consent.”

Shao Xue is very clever: “You mean, Gu Changle will influence my brother’s decision?”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Changle is a very gentle person.”

Shao Xue is slightly surprised. And then she hears Song Yunxuan suppressing her voice with a slightly unidentified smile, saying, “She is also a woman with a snake and scorpion heart hidden under her Bodhisattva face.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Shao Xue feels a cold wind blowing over her back for no reason.

“Shao Xue, you should take good care of Gu Changle, understand?”

Shao Xue calms down and says, “I’ll handle it well. Since Shao Tianze is such a hypocrite, the people around him must be all the same.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyebrows are peaceful.

That’s right!

Shao Tianze amputates Gu Changge’s limbs, digs her heart out and kills her, all of which inevitably are under the assistance of Gu Changle.

Shao Tianze did not intend to let Shao Xue go to the hospital to pick up Changle.

But when he arrives at the people’s hospital, he meets Shao Xue who has been long waiting at the door of the hospital.

It is cold, and the forecast says that there will be rain and snow in the afternoon. The weather has been gloomy from the morning on.

Wearing a camel coat, Shao Xue waits at the door for Shao Tianze. Her nose turns red because of the low temperature.

After Shao Tianze gets out of the car, she trots to him quickly. And she looks very happy: “Great, brother, I finally catch you at the door.”

At the sight of her lips which have turned purple due to the freezing coldness, he wrinkles his eyebrows with a caring expression flashing on his handsome face. He reaches for the door and then takes out his own black cashmere overcoat from the car. He drapes it over her. “Are you silly? Why did you wait outside the door rather than in the air-conditioned lobby?”

Although the sentence he just said was showing his care for her, Shao Tianze is very suspicious about her intention.

However, if Gu Changge was here, she would know that Shao Tianze suspects that Shao Xue has another purpose.

The smile on Shao Xue’s face is sincere: “I think, when my eldest brother comes to the hospital, he may be directly guided to the ward when he enters the door. There are so many people in the hall. You can’t see me at a glance. But if I wait for you at the doorway where it’s cold so that there are few people, you can notice me as soon as you arrive.”

In fact, the reason why Shao Xue does so is that she ever heard by coincidence Song Yunxuan’s saying that it is easy to recognize someone at a glance in places with fewer people, while crowded places will dazzle people’s eyes, making a camouflage for you.

Now, what Shao Xue has done really makes Shao Tianze’s expression slightly change.

He clearly remembers that Gu Changge chose to stand on the central T platform for tens of seconds in order to find him at a banquet.

Later, he asked her strangely, “Don’t you hate going to catwalk the most?”

She said lightly, “There are only a few people in that place. You can see me at a glance.”

At that time, he was stunned on the spot.

Even for a moment, he was not clear whether his dislike towards the woman was deep in his bones.

When Shao Xue finds Shao Tianze’s distraction, she gently calls him, “Brother?”

Shao Tianze suddenly draws his mind back. With a smile, he tidies up the clothes on her. Finding her fingertips turns slightly pink due to the freezing temperature, he blames, “Next time, make a phone call to me. Don’t be so silly.”

Shao Xue follows him to the hospital: “I lean it from the newspaper that Miss Gu Changle will be discharged today, and that my brother will come personally to pick Miss Changle up. So, I want to pay a visit to Miss Gu Changle.”

Shao Tianze nods, “You really need to see her because you’ll live together with Changle under the same eaves in the future.”

Shao Xue nods and follows Shao Tianze into the hospital.

Outside the hospital, there are only a few journalists holding microphones and cameras, but they are all blocked by bodyguards.

In the hall of the hospital, the situation becomes completely different. Dozens of people rush to Shao Tianze with their equipment and questions——

“Mr. Shao, as the new chairman of Gu’s board, what’s your explanation for the case that Gu’s Tianxiang salon vilifies its competitor Venus?”

“Mr. Shao, had your wife, Gu Changge, told you anything about the competition between Tianxiang Beauty and Venus when she was alive?”

“Mr. Shao, Since Gu’s fails to bring up strong evidence to refute the testimony of Yi Xiaoning, Han Rujia, and others, does it acquiesce in the fact of defamation of its colleague Venus?”

“Mr. Shao, such a malicious competition has caused great losses to Venus. Would you compromise with Venus if they made a claim for compensation?”