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C61 - He kisses Gu Changle

Chapter 61 He kisses Gu Changle
The reporters point their cameras at Shao Tianze.

The different symbols on their microphones show that the reporters are from different websites, TV stations and news programs.

Shao Xue is pushed away a little from Shao Tianze. When Shao Xue is about to be pushed farther away from Shao Tianze by reporters, Shao Tianze suddenly stretches out his arm, pulls Shao Xue back to his chest and says: “Everybody, as for the matter of Venus and Gu’s, I will ask Gu’s legal representative to answer your questions. Please let me pass, I am in a hurry.”

He says that without any anxiety or anger but in a calm and peaceful way.

Song Yunxuan, who is watching them in the live broadcast in front of the TV, has a hint of coldness in her eyes.

Shao Tianze is an excellent man. Although he started to get in touch with the business circle after graduating from college, he is smart enough to live up to the title of academic prodigy in medical school.

He is calm at all times. Even when someone is holding a knife and pointing at his back behind him, he will be levelheaded and figure out how to get out of it.

It was because of this calmness that he finally succeeded in having the whole property of the Gu Family and getting down to operate the Gu family’s industry in no time.

However, he is too ambitious. His way of dealing things is rather cruel because he wants to get things done once and for all.

Therefore, he killed Gu Changge.

Because of that, he Shao Tianze will not have a good ending.

Because she Gu Changge will not allow it.

Seeing Shao Tianze who is surrounded by reporters want to get out, Song Yunxuan lifts one corner of her mouth. She turns on the newly bought phone and gives Mrs. Xiao a call: “Tell the reporter of your newspaper that the girl is the focus.”

The person on the other side of the phone answers and Song Yunxuan hangs up.

She lifting up her head and looking at the TV, there is some viciousness in her eyes.

As expected, within thirty seconds, a young female reporter holding a microphone rushes into the crowd and gets in the way of Shao Tianze on the live broadcast. The reporter’s words are extremely blunt and come straight to the topic of Shao Xue: “Mr. Shao, who is this beautiful girl besides you?”

Shao Tianze answers: “This is my…”

“Is she your new lover?” Shao Tianze’s words even not finished, someone immediately interrupts. “Mr. Shao, could you please explain it? It’s rumored that you are deep in love with your deceased wife. May I ask your how does this girl come to you so soon? What’s going on?”

“Mr. Shao, could you explain?”

With a little sulkiness in his eyes, Shao Tianze says: “This is my younger sister!”

“But Mr. Shao, Gu’s chairman Gu Changge, your wife, has announced previously that you have no younger sister. How does she relate to you, a cousin or a younger sister without blood relationship?”

A cousin is still a normal guess, but a younger sister without blood relationship inevitably makes people have some other speculations.

Being guided by the two reporters who are questioning, other reporters around them change their focus on the girl.

Since the commercial grudges between Gu’s Tianxiang Salon and Venus are not answered directly by Shao Tianze, journalists inevitably choose to take another path to get some valuable news.

It doesn’t matter if it is a gossip as long as they don’t come back empty-handed.

The reporters’ flashing lights shine, vying with one another. Shao Xue raises her hand to cover her eyes. She can’t help withdrawing behind Shao Tianze.

It’s unsurprising that she has never been into such a situation-being photographed by so many people. She feels that her eyes are almost shone to blind.

Shao Tianze, who is sort of annoyed, pulls Shao Xue behind him to protect her.

The secretary next to Shao Tianze is a little anxious. Seeing the anger in Shao Tianze’s eyes, he stretches out his hands and stands in front of Shao Tianze to stop those reporters who are going to chase Shao Tianze upstairs. “Everybody, everybody, I am going to answer your questions.”

The reporters are not interested in the secretary. They want to follow Shao Tianze upstairs.

Those bodyguards who guards Shao Tianze are also unable to make these reporters stop. The secretary explains desperately: “Please listen to me, the girl next to Chairman Shao is indeed his sister. She is Chairman Shao’s cousin, who had been abroad before and just returned home.”

To some degree, the information made up by the secretary dampens the reporters’ enthusiasm.

However, in the spirit of entertainment and gossip, even if people have gotten the explanation from the secretary now, it can’t be avoided that someone will report that Shao Tianze has a new lover less than half a year after his wife’s death immediately or tomorrow.

Shao Tianze and Shao Xue make some effort to get into the elevator. The accompanying secretary and bodyguards are blocked outside by the crowd.

The elevator rises slowly. Shao Xue is still in a state of shock: “Big brother, why these reporters are… so… fierce?”

Shao Tianze smooths his clothes and answers in an apathetic tone: “They make a living by this. That’s why they are so annoying.”

Gu’s and Chu’s are the two rich and powerful families inYuncheng. The former has been headed by a woman over ten years, and the latter’s chairman is the only son of Chu’s, who will undoubtedly inherit all assets of the Chu family.

The reporters are obsessed with the idea that after the death of Gu’s chairwoman, whether her husband will find another new lover.

They also pay extra attention to the latter, wanting to know that what an excellent woman would marry Childe Chu, this pretty wealthy man.

As for the latter, it seems that things have been settled. He is going to marry the youngest daughter of the Song Family. While the former, he has been given close attention all the time.

Because when an affectionate man who has just lost his wife falls in love with another woman, the public will criticize him severely.

Shao Tianze knows the truth deeply, so he lives alone, pretending to be an ascetic person.

Except some families suspect that his relationship with Gu Changle’s sister Gu Changle is not simple, there is basically no rumors about him.

The elevator keeps rising. When it arrives at the floor where Gu Changle’s ward is on, it jingles and the door opens.

There is Song Yunjia standing outside, who is slightly flurried.

Song Yunjia has shoulder-length long straight hair. She seems anxious and worried. As soon as she catches sight of Shao Tianze, she smiles in relief.

But the smile doesn’t last very long before it disappears on her face. The reason is that beside Shao Tianze there is a girl who is much younger than her, fair and beautiful.

Song Yunjia looks awkward for a while.

Shao Tianze comes out of the elevator and apologizes: “I was surrounded by the reporters in the hall. How about Changle? Have you packed up?”

Song Yunjia stares at Shao Xue: “Who is she?”

The look on her face is exactly the same as that of a wife seeing the lover of her husband.

Shao Tianze smiles involuntarily: “Yunjia, let me introduce for you.”

Song Yunjia is upset. Her beautiful eyes fix on Shao Xue like some sharp nails.

Shao Xue is still wearing Shao Tianze’s cashmere jacket. It is specially made abroad. Song Yunjia gave it to Shao Tianze as a present.

Song Yunjia doesn’t wait Shao Tianze to continue but asks: “Why is she wearing your jacket?”

Shao Tianze is a bit surprised, and then he smiles and explains: “Yunjia, this is my cousin called Shao Xue.”

Probably because his secretary fabricated the relationship for him, Shao Tianze subconsciously intends to use it.

Anyway, he can’t tell her or anyone Shao Xue’s true identity and that in fact, he, Shao Tianze is not a member of a big family in Haicheng, but an orphan from a small town.

Shao Xue looks at Shao Tianze and feels awkward.

Shao Tianze introduces for her: “This is my friend, the doctor of Changle, Song Yunjia.”

Hearing that her name is similar to that of Song Yunxuan, she feels startled slightly. Then she smilesand calls her “sister Yunjia”.

Song Yunjia knowing that Shao Xue is Shao Tianze’s sister, her face becomes brighter.

She is back to normal now. She leads Shao Tianze to go forward and tells him Gu Changle’s condition while walking: “Changle has almost recovered. I gave her various checks yesterday. It seemed that anti-rejection drugs had worked well. The heart of Changge adapts well to the body of Changle.”

Shao Tianze nods.

Song Yunjia is proud of that: “I said the heart of Changge would be suitable for transplanting to Changle. You didn’t believe it. Now that Changle has recovered well, shouldn’t I take credit for that?”

Shao Tianze’s eyes are brooding: “I really didn’t think that the heart of Changge would be suitable for Changle since they are not biological sisters.”

Song Yunjia shakes her head and explains smilingly: “Medical science is a wonderful thing. You have been studying medicine for so many years. You must have seen many miracles in medical history. Maybe the heart of Changge exists to save Changle. Otherwise, why didn’t Changge die immediately in the car accident?”

Shao Tianze looks calm, but there is a deep gloominess appearing at the bottom of his eyes unnoticeably: “Changge is a tough woman.”

Song Yunjia does not agree: “She is dead now.”

Shao Tianze’s stops walking for a moment. It seems that his heart suffers premature beat at that moment and then recovers.

The three of them walk together towards Gu Changle’s ward. Song Yunjia walks side by side with Shao Tianze. It is rare that she actually enjoys it.

However, Shao Xue behind them is a little confused. She lowers her eyes and thinks: “The heart of Gu Changge is very fit for Gu Changle?”

“Gu Changle and Gu Changge are not biological sisters?”

While she is thinking, the front door clicks and opens.

Shao Tianze enters into the room first. There is a soft female voice: “Tianze?”

The voice is as soft as notes played by piano, as pleasant as the river in spring.

Shao Xue feels surprised for a while then enters into the room.

Gu Changle inside has already changed the patient clothes and got dressed.

She is twenty-nine years old. However, you can’t see it from her face at all. Instead, she is as charming as a girl of eighteen or nineteen years old.

Shao Xue stands there and feels astonished when she sees that Shao Tianze holds GuChangge, who is blushed, in his arm and kisses her forehand

He asks her with concern: “Do you feel happy to be discharged today?”

Gu Changle’s long eyelashes are like black fine feathers. She looks at Shao Tianze’s face and her beautiful face beams with an attractive smile: “Yes, very happy, can I kiss you?”

Shao Tianze holds her chin and takes the initiative to kiss her.

Shao Xue, for a moment, feels that she is struck by the thunder.

Shao Tianze… kissed his wife’s sister?