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C63 - Shao Xue Treats Co-Workers to Dinner

Chapter 63 Shao Xue Treats Co-Workers to Dinner
The view in Gu’s Mansion is lovely.

However, Shao Xue has left there very early.

On the way back to the periodical office, she takes the initiative to call Song Yunxuan: “Gu Changle has agreed me to live in Gu’s Mansion.”

Song Yunxuan is drinking coffee at home when Shao Xue calls. Hearing what Shao Xue said, she lifts her mouth: “That’s unexpected.”

Shao Xue bites her lower lip, considering whether she should tell her what she has seen in Gu’s Mansion. But every time she wants to say it, she hesitates.

In the end, it is Song Yunxuan who brings up the topic: “The relationship between Miss Gu Changle and Chairman Shao is very close, isn’t it?”

Shao Xue nods awkwardly: “It is more complicated than we have thought.”

The look on Song Yunxuan’s face is still very calm: “You don’t have to worry about that. Gu Changle and Gu Changge are not real sisters. Even if Shao Tianze has a close relationship with Gu Changle, you don’t need to feel too sick about that.”

On the other side of the phone, Shao Xue can’t help clenching her fists. There is a hint of empathy in her eyes: “Although GuChangge is dead, if she knew that her adopted sister hooked up with her husband immediately, she must feel … very sad.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes are full of gloominess: “More than that, she might be too furious to die.”

Song Yunxuan’s jesting tone surprises Shao Xue a little: “Yunxuan, do I really have to move to Gu’s Mansion and watch them display their affection every day?”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Yes, you need to know that he can live in Gu’s Mansion and have Gu’s now because he has killed your parents. In other words, he steps on your parents’ bones to get there.”

Shao Xue becomes silent. After a pretty long time, she says: “My parents won’t want him to step on other people’s bones to be successful.”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t respond to that. She hears Shao Xue add: “I will help my parents to teach Shao Tianze the lesson.”

Song Yunxuan squints. There is some lesson that people will not learn unless they are hurt severely.

Like Shao Tianze, he got Gu’s from her Gu Changge, but in the end he bore a deep hatred towards her. It was not enough for him to take everything away from her. He wanted her life as well.

She hated him so much that she can’t die peacefully.

Therefore, she wants to tell him that he can’t take precious things away from others as he wants.


When Shao Xue arrives at the office the next day, it’s already ten o’clock. Xiao Hong comes to greet her: “I heard that you moved.”

She nods: “Yes, I moved to my brother’s house.”

Xiao Hong admires: “The house of Chairman Shao of Gu’s across the street?”

Shao Xue nods: “Yes.”

In this way, the staff in the office express their congratulations to Shao Xue. The result is that Shao Xue is asked to take them to have a meal to celebrate.

Xiao Hong blames: “You are too tricky. When she moved in, you didn’t give presents to her. Now you are so shameless that you ask Shao Xue to pay for your dinner!”

Xiao Wang in the office jokes: “If she’s someone else, we may not ask. But she is Shao Xue! You see, Shao Xue’s cousin is not anyone but Shao Tianze—a pretty wealthy man!”

Holding her water cup and leaning against the wall, Xiao Tao next to him can’t help interrupting: “Chairman Shao is not an ordinary person. If we get along well with his cousin, we may get high salary to work for Gu’s across the street in the future.”

Xiao Hong scolds: “Now that you think in that way, how about packing up everything to apply for a job in Gu’s right now?”

The crowd bursts into laughter.

In the end, the staffs in the office decide to have dinner at a restaurant named Youranju on Furong Street, Tianqiao Road.

Thinking that it might cost her nearly a month’s salary, Shao Xue feels distressed. But the fact that so many colleagues are willing to accompany her cheers her up.

Since her parents died, she has not felt so happy for a long time.

Before setting off, someone in the office calls Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan declines. But when they arrive at Furong Street, they suddenly find that Chu’s car is waiting for traffic lights there.

A person, presumably Gu’s driver, comes forward and asks them: “You people work for Fanxing Magazine?”

Xiao Hong nods: “Yes, you are?”

The man smiles: “Childe Chu told me to ask if Miss Yunxuan is going to have dinner with you tonight.”

The man who called Song Yunxuan before replies quickly: “Oh, Miss Song declined and said that there is something else to do today.”

Hearing his words, Xiao Hong can’t wait to tear up his mouth.

Song Yunxuan used to ask the staff not to tell other people that Fanxing Magazine belongs to her.

Seeing Xiao Hong get angry, the driver leaves quickly without asking more.

Seeing that driver get into the luxurious Rolls-Royce classic car, they start to wonder if the Chu Family’s only child, the legendary Childe Chu, is sitting there.

This question has been bothering them since then. When they arrive at the restaurant, they start to order food.

Xiao Hong is scolding that long-tongued employee: “No one will consider you are dumb even if you don’t talk. Will you talk before think it carefully?”

That employee looks upset.

Shao Xue next to Xiao Hong wants to comfort: “Childe Chu gets along well with Yunxuan. It might not cause trouble.

Xiao Hong hasn’t calmed down yet: “What if he has caused us trouble?”

Sitting by the window, they see a blue Porsche sports car driving near.

A young staff member who is fond of luxury sports car screams: “Look at the car! So cool!”

Staff who are a little older just take a glance at the car then turns back. Only those young girls who dream of marrying a rich man someday stare through the window.

The car stops. A man comes out of it.

Several women shake their heads and scream: “So handsome!”

“So mature!”

“So elegant!”

“So gentle!”

“Emm? The woman who is getting out of the car looks so familiar.”

That attracts Xiao Hong and Shao Xue’s attention. The two finally stand up and squeeze over to look at the woman outside the window.

She is wearing a skirt, a pair of black leather boots and a large red cashmere coat which is fashionable and lively. With her fair face and black hair, she looks charming and cute in such a cold day.

The man approaches to talk to her for a while. Then he holds her shoulders and kisses her eyebrows. After that, he watches her entering the main entrance of Youranju, the restaurant.

It takes them a while to react to what happened. Then someone asks in surprise: “That is Miss Song, right?”

Shao Xue and Xiao Hong nod: “Yes.”

As expected, only after dozens of seconds, a waiter opens the door and leads Song Yunxuan in.

“Miss Song, this way please.”

Song Yunxuan walks in.

All the employees in the room look at her with a confusing look.

Song Yunxuan smiles: “What happened, you don’t welcome me?”

Xiao Hong responds first: “Not at all, we long for you to come over.”

Shao Xue then pulls her to the main seat immediately: “Today it’s my treat. As you don’t have dinner with us a lot, you order first this time.”

Song Yunxuan is surrounded by the staff of the magazine soon. Frowning, she orders a few dishes on the menu. Then she looks up to the burning eyes of others: “Why do you look at me like you are going to eat me?”

One employee who is about the same age as Shao Xue smiles: “Boss, the man who sent you here…”

“That’s my fiancé.”

Although her voice is not loud, everyone hears it clearly.

A few young employees present a heart-broken look. While they are feeling jealous about that, they make up their minds to find a handsome man to marry too.

This meal ends earlier than they think. Shao Xue and Xiao Hong sit on the left and right sides of Song Yunxuan respectively.

When they are talking, other employees have already started to discuss some insignificant things. It is until Song Yunxuan leaves that these employees finally bring up the main topic—to congratulate that Shao Xue has moved into Gu’s Mansion.

When Song Yunxuan leaves, she gives Shao Xue a red envelope containing money inside. Song Yunxuan smiles gently: “Congratulations on moving in a new house.”

“Yunxuan, I can’t receive your red envelope, please …”

“Keep it.”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t give her the chance to refuse. After saying goodbye to others, she leaves.

This seaside city encountered cold front a few days ago. It has become cold these days.

When Song Yunxuan walks out, the air she exhales becomes white. She puts her hands before her mouth in order to defend the cold.

Suddenly someone hugs her from behind.

The man wraps her in his coat and says gently: “I thought that you would stay there for a while longer.”

Song Yunxuan replies without raising her head: “You have been waiting for me outside. I can’t let you wait too long”

“I won’t mind. If it’s late, you can stay at my house tonight.”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head: “Thanks, but no.”

Hearing she rejects it, and seeing that she being wrapped in his coat without moving, Chu Mochen raises his mouth and gently kisses her ear.

Song Yunxuan wants to avoid the kiss because she knows that this man is going to do some other things.

However, the man doesn’t do anything more but just asks suddenly: “Do you think it is going to snow this winter?”

Recalling that it only snows in Yuncheng every seven or eight years, Song Yunxuan replies: “Probably won’t.”

Chu Mochen holds her in his arms and looks up at the black sky: “If it snows, let me take you to eat hot and spicy Chaoshou, will you?”

Song Yunxuan’s heart stops beating for a second and she recalls the scene that she has almost forgets.

That year she was sixteen. The Gu Family and the Chu Family collaborated for the first time. It was a very cold winter and it was snowing.

Chu Mochen represented the Chu Family to sign the contract. After they exchanged the contract, they shook hands out of courtesy.

When she was just about to leave, Chu Mochen suddenly asked: “I heard Xima Bay’s hot and spicy Chaoshou tastes good, do you want to have a try?”

Gu Changge, who is young but mature at that time, declined without hesitation. She never ate at that place. She replied: “I have already booked a restaurant called Babaorou at Chang’an Street.”

The implication was that she didn’t want to eat the roadside food.

There was a hint of disappointment in Chu Mochen’s eyes.

Now she rethinks about it. It seems that at that young age, she had already been blinded by money.

But as for Chu Mochen, he hasn’t lost himself. He knows that there is something else besides money in this world.