1. Theme of the competition is
" Beauty "
2. Competition Brief
Beauty is the god gift awarded to everyone. But everyone compares it with skin color. Beauty is in our inner soul. Same way Brain is another god gift to humans. It depends on person to person how they make full use of it. Both are equally important but which is better? Share your thoughts on it in any form like poetry, article, story, etc.
3. write what you want in any category story, poem, diary writing anything in any language on your own.
4. Rewards of the competition are 1ST winner GET 500 rupees,
2ND winner GET 200 rupees, and 3RD winner GET 100 rupees.
The next 5 winners get consolation prizes

Competetion Particulars


Registrations Starts on 1st Jan, 2022 Submission Ends on 10th Jan, 2022 Results Announced on 15th Jan, 2022

How to enter

1.Subscribe us on our email................................................
2.PROCESS--------Subscribe- registered - write option FROM MENU BAR- choose language- choose competition category- upload your content-wait for result

How to enter

1. Participants should submit their work before 8 pm on 14th February 2021
2. Participants must submit their original work.
3. Any entry containing cliché will not be accepted.
Mention the name or relationship for you are writing (preferred using images )

Term and condition apply