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Lekhny composition -20-Dec-2021

Ice cream

Wailing like a hurt soul 
And bowling eyes out like the 
Little cry baby she was ,
Was dearest baby me,
Days going by 
But time standing still as I 
As I felt the urge to torment
My keeper in the hope of 
Being treated like a Queen.

And like the prophet that she was
Time she used to waste not
In conquering my lousy spirit.
The vanilla smell used to fill my nostrils 
And the cone sight damn that
Was a sight to behold.
Slightly creeping into my thoughts 
And erasing all the lousy thoughts 
I had of being deemed a Queen
Was that very enticing dessert

At it's sight I would forget
Every dream of tormenting my 
My Keeper .
The smell of the dessert 
Always sold out my mere toddler's soul
And maybe even to this day 
I am still a toddler for mom still
Bribes me with my favorite creation ,
Honestly just a slight sense of
It's scent knows how to drive my spirit crazy
The sweetness reminds me of the
Days of my baby tooth ,
Those days when time was of no matter ,
And death was a matter I never feared,
Murderer was an artifact I never knew existed 
And pain was only something I knew 
When I stung myself whilst playing with my friends ,
And anger was an alien to me,
All those days and illusions I now see
Are bitter made sweet by the sweetness of ice cream
They are toxic but better healed 
By the smell of vanilla

Theeโ€ข entangled.


Ayra S

23-Dec-2021 03:35 PM



Ranjit Kumar

21-Dec-2021 08:25 PM




20-Dec-2021 08:34 PM